An Unsolvable Problem

A Dax Origin Story

“People who love this unique character will now have greater insight into Dax’s life and his pain.”


He’s not even 30″ tall…with only four digits per limb and deep green skin.

Not your typical elf.

So why was Dax rejected from the Evolu society? What happened that branded this loyal, courageous fighter as an outcast?

If you have ever wondered about the origin of Dax, this short story is for you.

Author Jaime Buckley gives you a detailed glimpse into the origin of one of the toughest character in fantasy.

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A unique guide & journal for every writer

 “A fast, fun, and informative guide on how to create your own world.  Now if Jaime would only write a guide on how to rule your creations gently!” – International & NYTimes Best Selling Author, David Farland


Every story requires worldbuilding.

What if there was a way to simplify the process of worldbuilding? A system that would open the doors of creativity in your own mind, providing a constant flow of ideas?

Advanced Worldbuilding is a unique guide that takes you by the hand and helps you understand the ‘why’ of worldbuilding, so the ‘how’ comes naturally. Written in the form of a conversation, author Jaime Buckley takes you by the hand and leads you, step by step, through the process of creation with a focus on the end goal: To tell a brilliant story.

Advanced Worldbuilding provides you with the tools to craft your own “world journals” and does so in a simple, fun & straight forward way. Jaime provides tips, templates and the methods he uses to organize notes you may already have, while unveiling a system that helps you to develop whatever your heart desires. Create continents, races, governments, religions, technology, magic, plant & animal life—ANYthing you can imagine, all with a check lists of what your readers will be looking for.

This guide provides detailed examples of how the author achieved his own results with the Wanted Hero world.

Transform your notes into a personalized “hub” of information, which can be added to at any time. The guide provides template examples for your personal use…or as examples for you to create your own. All guides purchased directly from include PDF templates you can print and use for your projects.

Advanced Worldbuilding is a fantastic tool for any writer, regardless of skill level…and a critical addition to any worldbuilding arsenal.



Cross Point (WHAT IF…YOU were the Hero?)

Book #1

“Now fans of Chronicles of a Hero have a chance to go back in time and walk the land long before Wendell was even born…and help shape the events of the world!”


What if you could step through time and engage in adventures that would reshape the future?

Fantasy author Jaime Buckley brings another adventure series to fans of the accidental hero…where YOU get to pick one of the multiple endings to the story!

Step into the world of Wanted Hero, nearly a thousand years before the Chronicles began…at a time when Mahan is at war with the world.

Kingdoms are in upheaval, races look to one another for support, while the true enemies lurk among their own people!

Travel with Dorbane, a Kutollum warrior, and Valda, a beautiful Gypsy, to Castle Andilain to pledge your support in the war.

But beware – each and every choice you make will affect the future.

Books purchased from will receive a triple pack, which includes an .epub, .mobi and .pdf file for use on any reading device =)

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