The Veikellin [VEY-kell-in], also known as ‘angels’ are a very rare breed of marsupial. While males are known to be highly violent and aggressive, especially in protecting their young, the females of the species tend to be the exact opposite. This fact has led to the trapping of females and the near extinction of the males due to poachers.

Highly intelligent, angels are intuitive creatures with the ability to understand complex commands and can even be taught to communicate. It is believed that a veikellin can ‘feel’ the emotions of others and acts accordingly. Though the larynx only permits a limited range of sounds, which restricts actual vocal responses, the veikellin can memorize and use various hand signs and motions to express a wide scope of thoughts, feelings and concepts.

For a time the animals were greatly sought after as exotic pets, usually by the rich and affluent. Displayed in elaborate cages or on perches by golden chains, the veikellin was both a status symbol and entertainment. Due to their intelligence, only the most clever of trappers could obtain a healthy animal without damaging or killing it in the process.

The song of the veikellin is what earned it the nickname of ‘angel’…the soothing purr and comforting tones eases stress and can even soothe the pain of a common headache. If healthy and happy, the natural oils of the fur and the scent glands behind the creatures ears create a sense of well being when in close proximity.

Over time, poachers began hunting male veikellin for the fur, which changes in color similar to the skin of the chameleon. The tails were commonly dried and powdered as a remedy for ‘leaking gut’ and severe heartburn, while the blood was sought after by apothecary.

Veikellins have large clear eyes, able to see into the darkest night, while its long, slender fingers and tail can perform the most intricate of tasks.

As the number of veikellin plummeted, King Brom the Wise passed a decree, banning the ownership of and hunting of veikellin, punishable by twenty lashes of a cats tail and thirty pieces of silver.

The law did not halt the hunting of the animals or their growing value.

There has not been a creature seen on the continent of Humär in more than a hundred years.

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