Chuck’s Key Ring

Ever since I came across this artifact being mentioned, I wanted to know more.

On several occasions, the mägo Morphiophelius was able to escape or travel without the help of Dax’s teleportation magic, by the use of an odd key ring.

In reading Race to Til-Thorin (yes, I have time to enjoy a good book while I’m stuck here), it says, “…he pulled out an enormous set of keys. …The ring was at least six inches in diameter, with dozens of odd-looking keys attached. …With deft precision, he flipped through the keys and tried each one in the door.

He traveled from the Black Market, to the closet under the staircase in his cottage, just by walking through a doorway?

How does that happen?

Chuck is well know as a master of Invocation and a Thaumaturgist, able to both build, control and manipulate the Prime Gates…but there isn’t anything like this talked about before!

Inserting a key into a lock, turning it and TA-DA!…you have a Prime Gate mode of transportation?

That doesn’t make any sense.

Can it be done on any door?

Is there a limit as to how long the spell lasts…or will it stay open as long as the key is in the lock?

…or will it stay open as long as the DOOR stays open?

This is a bit frustrating to me, because now that I write all this down, I have more questions than I have answers.

SO…if ANYone sees Chuck about, would you put a buzz in his ear and ask him to share his little secret about this?

Appreciate it…and I promise to update it once I know more.

-The Narrator

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