How would you feel if you grew up, knowing your parents didn’t want you?

Could you keep your head up and be strong even if all those around you rejected your very existence?

Few could.

Born as Daxänu, which means ‘unsolvable problem’, the infant had no idea of his own tragic history that led to his rejection.

Carried by a giant eagle across the Tilliman Highlands and deep into the Andle Forest, the bird landed at the remote cottage of Morphiophelius Smith (a.k.a. Chuck).

At first the mägo believed it had to be a mistake. Who would be crazy enough to send him an infant? Snatching the note from the basket, Chuck scoffed, offended by the name imprinted upon the paper.

The mägo knew what it felt like to be misunderstood by those around him. Of the pain one feels from being scorned, mocked, spat upon and rejected.

…and there was no way he would allow such pain to fall upon a child unchallenged.

From that moment forward, Dax always had a fierce protector in Morphiophelius, who raised him as his own. As the child grew, the mägo taught him to be rough, tough, and emotionally independent.

Dax proved to be a child without fear, intense, blunt, bold, and with a curiosity near impossible to contain. That, coupled with his extraordinary resistance to pain, injury and a heightened healing capability unlike anything the mägo had seen before, danger became the child’s constant companion.

Can you milk a grizzly bear? Dax wanted to know.

Did fish taste better once it had been rotting in the sun for a week and mixed with ripe bananas? Dax ingested it.

Would it taste even better being left outside until it grew fur? Dax ingested it again.

Could you actually snowboard on top of an avalanche and survive? Apparently you can, if you’re quick enough.

When the teen became more than the old wizard could manage, Chuck moved his cottage to the one society that embraced other cultures. A place which accepted all who dwelled within their walls: the famed city of Erimuri (known more commonly as Sanctuary).

Dax was introduced to the Iskari High Council, who greeted him with open fascination. It was quite the event—the Iskari people being a blue-skinned race, welcoming Dax, who had a deep green sheen to his own.

Wherever he traveled throughout Erimuri, Dax was welcomed with open arms.

Chuck immediately submitted Dax to the Iskari school masters for training. Even the children were accepting to a large degree—but as time wore on, conflicts arose and Dax’s temper flared once too often. As hard as he tried, Dax didn’t quite fit in, both in personality, mentality and priorities. To make matters worse, his innate teleporting ability was hampered by the strong enchantments which allowed the large city to exist on one of Elämä’s moons.

Without a way to escape the Iskari society, however, Dax was forced to mix among the people and overcome many internal conflicts. Working with his circumstances, he discovered genuine kindness. People who were grateful not only for what he did, but for who Dax was.

Among the Iskari, Dax had intrinsic value for the first time in his life.

Finally experiencing a measure of security and safety, Dax developed some decorum among his new ‘family’. Though few would actually call what he displayed ‘manners’, he was outwardly more kind and helpful, proactive in contributing to the society as a whole. This allowed him to eventually find favor within the top ranks of the High Council.

As he grew older, Dax displayed signs of latent talent for the arcane and an ability to understand and recall certain magic difficult for even the most seasoned of mägo. This prompted Chuck to school him in the fundamentals of magic, symbolism and understanding the balance of the world around him. This training helped him form stronger (and expanded) control over his teleporting abilities, eventually breaking free from the binds of his environment.

With his new found abilities and earned trust, Dax was officially employed by the Iskari High Council as a formal steward and messenger of the people.

It was an honor he would cherish for more than 200 years.

During this time, Dax traveled with Chuck on various adventures, only returning to perform his duties as messenger from time to time. Traveling with the famous mägo not only gained him a considerable reputation among the races, it also strengthened his already considerable skills in combat.

When word came that Dax’s mother, Lady Alaria, was to be remarried—he was denied admittance into the City of Waters. Blocking the Prime Gates between Sanctuary and the evolu homeland, Dax showed up under his own power.

Against his mothers pleas, Dax was turned away by the royal guard at spear point. In sheer anger, Dax engaged the soldiers, flashing through their ranks like a demon. Blow after blow, he crippled the elite guard…and was only stopped by the powerful magic of the Omethiä (the ‘Head Speaker’ or prophet of the evolu people).

Rejected once more, Dax turned his anger inward and without a word, vanished.

Rumors were whispered over the years that he had enlisted his unique skills as a mercenary. Others said he traveled the world, seeking reputation or more accurately solitude.

Generations passed and a new Iskari Council was called to power within Sanctuary.

It was during this time that Dax gained a sour reputation specifically among the humans as well as the ruling class among the kutollum—the people of the North. Taking up residence once more among the Iskari (at the suggestion of Morphiophelius), Dax offered his services as messenger, a position he had often missed. Accepting dangerous assignments from the High Council, Dax labored in return for his citizenship among the blue skinned populace. No longer bound by the powers of the Prime Gates, Dax could travel at will…and did so frequently.

When the Dwarf Lords sent word to the Iskari, calling for disciplinary action against Dax, the High Council investigated. Marking him as a thief, the kutollum sent a summons for Dax to stand trial, but the messenger was nowhere to be found. An armed guard appeared via Prime Gate among the Iskari, demanding justice.

Without a way to locate the messenger or to proceed with the trial, Dax was presumed guilty.

When Delnar, the current High Elder and leader of the Iskari High Council, stepped forward and questioned the method of sentencing—finding it impossible to try a person who was not present to defend themselves. The kutollum nobles took offense, citing that since Dax was a member of the Iskari society—it was the Iskari who would have to submit to the laws which had been broken. Again the High Elder argued that a trial could not take place without the involved parties.

In the end, the kutollum nobles agreed to hold another trial, this time laying responsibility upon the Iskari to provide the messenger, or someone in his place to satisfy justice.

Wanting to avoid contention between the races, Delnar pledged his own submission should Dax indeed be found guilty of the charges and fail to appear. This caused quite a stir among the kotullum leaders. The Iskari High Council were known and respected among the races and a fear of tarnishing an open relationship spread among the dwarves. In the end, at the gentle behest of the High Elder, the nobles accepted his offer as proxy.

Should Dax be found guilty, Delnar would receive twenty lashes from an iron tail whip.

The new trial was held. Without Dax present to give his own statements or to defend himself, the proceeding was little more than a formality and found guilty.

True to his word, Delnar offered himself up in consequence and was taken to the great square.

As the executioner swung the mental whip back, dust and dirt exploded around the whipping post, Dax appearing with a small satchel and a look of anger upon his face. Approaching the judges, he explained himself—how he had worked diligently to discover critical evidence to establish his own innocence. The evidence proved beyond doubt that the theft had been orchestrated by one of the elder Dwarf Lords—who was, Dax had discovered—a secret follower of the Dark Lord Mahan.

Vindicated of all charges, Dax and Delnar were set free after the public beheading of his accuser.

This dedication and unwavering loyalty in the face of certain peril is what prompted the High Elder to lay the title of Guardian upon Dax—to be the protector of Wendell P. Dipmier for the duration of the human’s stay upon their world.

Though Dax only stands at 30” tall, he is a formidable foe. With his long arms, short legs and unusual musculature, he can run like a great ape, swinging across the ground at surprising speeds, throw himself into the air with gymnastic ease and seemingly defy the laws for physics by combining moves with short range teleportation.

Trained to use most forms of modern weapons, Dax prefers to use his bare hands in combat, disarming an enemy in motion if a weapon is needed. In combat, Dax’s size has proved to be a tremendous advantage—for his bones and muscle structure are exceedingly dense, making him weigh more than one might believe for one his size. Dax has been known to use swords (both single and double), axe, battle axe, mace, mourning star, club, flail, long knives, spears and staves. He has also been know to perform extraordinary feats with the long whip, and modern gnome technology.

Dax is a dedicated friend, once you gain his trust.

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“These books are better than chocolate in our Saturday morning pancakes. Just don’t tell mom.” – Devin, Age 11

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“I really like Dax, cause he reminds me of Uncle Carter. He eats weird food and smells too.” – Johanna, age 13

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