GENTRE (Gnomes)

One of the sons of Iskari was born premature.

Seeing Iskari grieve so deeply over the child, Ithari reached out and healed the infant, lending her strength to him—and despite his size, ‘Gentre’ lived.

The child not only lived, he grew strong, lithe and intelligent, with a kind heart to match. In size, however, he would remain limited. Shorter limbs and a larger head, Gentre grew to be 29” tall at full maturity.

Though the boy could not participate int he hunting or other rigorous chores placed upon his brothers, Gentre remained cheerful and ever grateful, even in adversity. His natural kindness to others won him many friends and the confidence of all.

Yet seeing that his son would be forever alone in such a condition, Iskari pleaded with Ithari.

Was there not a way to provide a companion for the boy? Someone who would know what he felt and able to share in his experiences?

Hearing her husbands distress, Madirin called upon the village midwives and questioned them.

There were mothers in nearby villages suffering from illness, accidental wounds while with child and even the heart-wrenching devastation of miscarriage. Madirin shared this knowledge with her husband.

Traveling from village to village, Ithari reached out, lending her strength, saving life upon life.

…and the race now known as ‘Gnomes’ was born.

Small in size a stature, an average gnome rarely exceed 36” in height, though gnomes have been known to exceed 120lbs in weight. With drastically shorter arms and legs than a human, it would be a mistake to underestimate their agility and quickness.

There are two genetically dominate traits present in all gnomes, regardless of their upbringing or location:

A curiosity for mechanical functions, and;

A desire to build things.

This is the primary reason why the gnome culture has so quickly advanced past their mortal counterparts. A high intelligence, combined with a dedicated work ethic and natural aptitude for building things mechanical has allowed the gnome race to build a society centuries beyond any human, elf or dwarf.

To make matters even worse, the world fears them for it—calling technology ‘black magic’ and in most locations of the world, a forbidden practice.

If it cannot be duplicated or explained by anyone other than a gnome, it has to be evil…or so the theory stands.

During the invasion by Mahan’s forces upon Humär in the year 6006s., gnomes fled from the land, which they called ‘The Great Migration’. In truth, they ran in sheer fear of being eaten by the invading vallen and therrin forces and cast caution to the wind. Thousands flocked to the Southern Shores, crafted makeshift boats and cast their fates upon the waves of the sea.

More than 40% of the population were lost the depths of the ocean…while the remaining groups found themselves upon foreign shores.

The most common island was named ‘Pävärios’, or shores of life. Upon this heavily forested island, would be built the home of today’s 1.5 billion gnomes:

Clockworks City

While the rest of the world still uses horses and carts, oxen and quill pens, gnomes have luxury sedans, microprocessors, and the triple cheeseburger.

The only thing that continues to allow gnomes to mix with the rest of the world is the simple practice of keeping technology hidden from the view and out of the hands of other races.

It’s not only a cultural standard, it’s the law.

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