The High Elder

There have been few High Elder’s as strong willed and I will add, as rebellious in nature, as Delnar.

This is not to say that the High Elder is a bad man. Quite the contrary in fact—but it is a fact that his choices have been more against the whole will of the Iskari High Council, that in harmony with it.

Even as a child, Delnar had a will of his own, which is why I believe he becomes so irritated with is own son, Shea.

Like father, like sone.

The Iskari as a whole, are a people fully immersed in lore and cultural superstition. Being one of the original tribes since the creation, the Iskari also have the honor of being the single tribe chosen by the Ithari herself, to which the royal line of Heroes descend through.

Just that in and of itself is enough to spark the imagination of many children…especially one that has produced more than a dozen Council members in almost as many years.

Delnar dreamed of being on the Council since he was a young child.

He dreamed of being alive and present when the Ithari was awakened and given to the royal bloodline.

He dreamed of watching his people being redeemed and Mahan being destroyed forever.

Hey, two out of three isn’t so bad.

So you can imagine how excited Delnar felt when his ability to see the sands manifested itself.

On a field trip with his class, Delnar traveled out to witness, first hand, the power of the Pinnacle. Away from the protection of Sanctuary, the children accompanied High Elder Damut up the long steps to where the sands were drawn from. The ability to take the smallest fragments of another world and connect them together with your mind was rare.

In fact, it had been many generations since a High Elder could even draw upon the sands for their knowledge.

It was when High Elder Damut started explaining about the Pinnacle that the miraculous happened.

Directly behind the golden robed elder, thin strands leapt up from the churning pits. Each string bent and combined with the others, quickly forming moving images and with a gasp from the class, the High Elder spun around to witness the power of his successor.

Delnar’s parent were hopeful to have one of the older sons manifest an ability to qualify them for service…not the dreamer of the bunch.

High Elder Delnar has proven to be most resourceful, a competent leader, and excellent communicator and quite an innovative thinker.

Though he does seek the counsel of his peers, there is no question of his belief both in himself and in what the right course to take is, based on principles, not tradition or emotion.

It was this belief which prompted him to act outside the norm of traditional protocol in collecting the Hero from Earth.

One of the traits, however, that makes Delnar an exceptional leader is his unwavering willingness to accept responsibility for his own actions.

A widower, Delnar wears the golden robes of the Council Head.

He is trained in magical lore, law, loves horticulture and is exceptionally proficient in the bow and longbow.

Delnar has one child, Shea, who also serves upon the Iskari High Council as a white robe.

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