Höbin Luckyfeller

As a field-scribe-historian (or fishis for short), Höbin Luckyfeller has become one of the most famous gnomes of all time. His natural curiosity, combined with his passion for storytelling took what many would call a drab and uneventful profession, and flipped it on his head. While the public perceived fishis as little more than librarians with pencils, Höbin brought them ghosts and ghouls, magical artifacts and romantic espionage between ancient kingdoms. His extensive works transformed the way children were taught in schools, what teens discussed at the mall and engaged families in debates across dinner tables.

During the span of his career, Höbin entertained and gained the confidence of nearly a billion readers.

A believer in pursuing myths and legends while exposing the truth in all things, Höbin quickly became a thorn in the side of the administrators at the FAF (Fishis Archive Foundation). When he was penalized for second guessing his superiors on historical dates and events—ones which could neither be confirmed nor denied, Höbin took matters into his own hands. Using his intelligence and extensive (albeit questionable and sometimes shady) personal connections, Höbin tracked down, documented, and released the complete truth to the general public.

His tenacity and focus, he received from his father—a famous botanist—while the curiosity and rebellious nature was fostered by a close family friend, a human mägo named Morphiophelius Smith (a.k.a. Chuck). That’s also when Höbin learned each adventure would have a price to pay…including body parts. The name of ’Luckyfeller’ quickly became an inside joke—and a popular brand. During the initial term of his employment, Höbin gradually lost sections of his left hand and arm, left toes, left foot and leg up to mid thigh. He also sustained sensory damage in attempts to use explosives which led the the replacement of his left ear, eye and 1/3 of his skull.

In essence, Höbin Luckyfeller became the first fully functioning fishis cyborg (say that five times fast). For each limb he had to replace, Höbin had his body modified to give himself a professional advantage. Enhanced strength, grappling hooks, electronic lock picks, a flash laser, telescopic lens and an enhanced microphone for an ear.

Höbin’s fast rising popularity kept him shielded from much of the backlash—as the FAF was in desperate need of public support…and funding.

When Höbin was asked to revise the script for The Pilgrims Pocketbook of People, Places, Predicaments and Pain: The perfect panacea for prepubescent adventurers, he agreed. Released with the approval of the Archives Supervisor, the small book shot to the #1 spot on the Paige & Turner Bestseller List within its first six days. Before the week was out, Höbin was being featured on nearly every radio and talkshow program in the WHRN lineup.

Höbin began to use his newfound fame and favor to travel. He took wild assignments just to get away from his controlled environment, where he could pursue more adventurous rumors, myths and legends. For a time, it seemed like the famous gnome was untouchable…

When his personal obsession, the mystery of Demoni Vankil was finally solved, those at the FAF refused both their support and approval. Infuriated, Höbin release the book as his first solo work, ignoring both counsel and open threats from those in authority.

Demoni Vankil hit the #1 spot in 72 hours, cementing Höbin’s fame for life.

By executive order, Demoni Vankil was recalled by the government while the FAF issued a statement, branding Höbin as the city’s greatest ‘fictional’ writer, calling his book ‘a clever sham,’ and ‘a work any self-respecting fishis would be ashamed of.’

The derogatory remarks did little to tarnish the public opinion of the historian, but Höbin Luckyfeller was already considered a menace to society by those in government office. Those in power desired the gnome population to grow in isolation from the world, maintaining a delicately balanced ecosystem of productivity and consumption. Höbin’s books, and most especially the Demoni Vankil, promoted independent thought and fostered a gnome’s natural curiosity—the result being a 386% surge in passport requests.

Höbin was soon arrested, tried in secret by a panel of legislators and then exiled from Clockworks for the duration of his natural life.

He currently resides at the Roadkill Tavern, now a private citizen of the Black Market and under the protection of the Gypsy Triad. He continues to use his connections and resources to collect information about the world around him. Höbin then publishes those same works by any means possible. He has begun an extensive research project, writing about the origin of every known race, along with twelve other titles, including King Borislav: The White Wolf and Other Changelings,…Sanctuary, The Iskari & Gate Lore,…Trench Wars & Other Gnome Pastimes…and The Book of Unanswered Questions.

Höbin is a widower, married to Sylvia Gearspinner—a famous gnome in her own right, who served as a commander for the National Environmental Recon Deployment Service (N.E.R.D.S.). During the fierce Gate War of CT-715 Sylvia was called to defend the Prime Gate from invasion and was found missing once the portal was closed. After an extensive search, she was presumed dead.

Höbin survived Sylvia with their two children: Alhannah (female), age 8 and Green (male), age 4.

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“These books are better than chocolate in our Saturday morning pancakes. Just don’t tell mom.” – Devin, Age 11

“I like these books a lot. Even more than my sisters. But that’s not very hard to do.” – Caleb, age 10

“I really like Dax, cause he reminds me of Uncle Carter. He eats weird food and smells too.” – Johanna, age 13

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