The history of the Hero Gem, also known as the Ithari is too great for me to collect and describe here. Every facet of the history of this world has been touched or influenced by the Gem since its arrival.

So I’ll condense what I have.

In ancient times, back when the land was divided by tribes, civil war looked imminent. Mahan had woven his lies into the very fabric of society, intent on gaining possession of the Lanthya crystal for himself.

The Lanthya was a fragment from the world of the ‘jumalat’ [YEW-mah-lot]—intelligent beings from another world, thought to have created this planet. The Lanthya was sent as a gift…and a weapon to oppose Mahan’s growing power.

One of the stones abilities was to link locations together. To allow the user to travel vast distances in a single step. This is what initially caught the usurpers eye. The ability to travel instantly from one place to another would expand his growing abilities in dark magic and his studies of the human soul.

It was when the Dark Lord seemed to have blackened every door in the land that Arodrin, one of the first leaders of mankind, passed possession of the Lanthya on to his son, Iskari. Seeing that his efforts to reunited the tribes had failed and that peace in the land was not to be, Arodrin fell gravely ill.

At his death, the fighting among the tribes ceased.

All loved Arodrin, for there was no a soul—even those who proclaimed openly to be his enemy, that Arodrin did not love and show kindness to.

The tribes felt the sudden loss of light and love in the world.

…and the world mourned.

Dressed in the ceremonial robes of his father, Iskari addressed the people. In tribute to the father of all, each tribe was to be given a portion of the power they sought so desperately to possess.

A gift of love, so that all may share in the gift of the jumalat.

Holding the Lanthya aloft, the very ground shook beneath the feet of the tribes as the giant crystal split asunder, separating into twelve shards…and a heart stone. One shard for each of the twelve tribes, while the heart stone would be reserved for a hero of the people.

A hero of the world…to be chosen by Ithari herself.

The Ithari

Also known as ‘The Hero Gem’, the Ithari is a living entity, made of ‘intelligence’, manifested in a crystalline (diamond) form of over 2000 carats.

Considered the ‘heart stone’ of the Lanthya crystal, “she” is the controlling influence over the split intelligences that make of the twelve ‘lesser’ shards.

Ithari does not act of her own accord. As explained through one of her many ‘hosts’, the Ithari is an aid and a support, but will not violate one fundamental rule…agency.

Though she can and will act against those outside established law, the Ithari will not compel a person to do her will. Instead, she chooses a host and if that same host is willing to accept the terms of her service, will merge with the ‘host’.

The full scope of Ithari’s powers are unknown. Her powers vary from host to host and it has been stated by one of her hosts that her full power has yet to be discovered, which requires a complete merging of intelligences between gem and hero.

The most common abilities of the Ithari is premonition, enhanced physical abilities and healing…her first and foremost priority being the health and safety of her host. Heroes have been known to go weeks without food, water…even air. Wounds and broken bones begin to heal at a rapid rate the moment they are inflicted.

Another power known to be common is a connection to other intelligences, both in animals and in natural elements such as water, wind, fire and light.

Serving a Host

The Ithari ‘calls’ to her keepers when she is needed. That need arrises when darkness so far outweighs the balance in the world that mortals can no longer overcome that force without aid.

The Iskari people, though they maintain a Lanthya shard of their own, are the designated keepers and protectors of the Ithari. A special chamber was created by one of the heroes, to both house and protect the gem from detection and theft.

Only the designated ‘steward’ can call forth the Ithari from her sleeping place.

Once the host has been found and Ithari has joined with him, there are three ways in which the binding can be broken.

  1. The host rejects the heart stone after being accepted as host. This is where a host is so filled with fear or regret that a true connection cannot (or will not) be made. In such a case, the Ithari will release the host and return to her keepers until another sufficient host can be found.
  2. The hero completes his task and restores the balance between good and evil. At this point, the host determines the end of the connection and Ithari returns to her keepers until called upon again.
  3. The hero is killed. Through powerful means, the host can be killed. If such a situation occurs, and the host is beyond Ithari’s power to heal, she will return to her keepers until another host can be found.

What I have learned is that the Ithari gem is an extension to a large degree, of the hero she serves. What strengths he possesses, she enhances. What weaknesses he has, she both compensates for and helps him to overcome.

It’s also important to note that those who have served with her, forever maintain a personal connection with her until the day he dies.

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