All she ever wanted was for her family to be whole.

Though the Iskari people are isolated form the world below, portals are opened for trading to take place from time to time.

It was through this innocent exchange that brought the illness.

Within weeks, a powerful sickness ravaged the valley of Tamku and of the household, only Kyliene and her little brother Caleb survived.

Iskari live in dedicated societies, which revolve around their children. It is the child that an Iskari parent considers wealth. Someone to keep their name alive long after they themselves have passed into the grave.

When Kyliene’s parents passed into the next life, there was great sadness in the community. Her mother was a dedicated healer of animals and husbandman, while her father tended to the orchards to produce food for everyone.

Kyliene’s love was always in helping her father and Nana tend to the fruit trees. Partly in watching things grow and in feeding others and partly from the time she was able to listen to the stories from her father.

Stories of when the Iskari people lived among their brothers and sisters upon Elämä. Stories of the Gnolaum, of heroes among the races, doing the impossible…

When her parents died, Nana moved in and cared for the two children. Kyliene was eight years of age and her little brother two.

The rest is, unfortunately,…history.

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“These books are better than chocolate in our Saturday morning pancakes. Just don’t tell mom.” – Devin, Age 11

“I like these books a lot. Even more than my sisters. But that’s not very hard to do.” – Caleb, age 10

“I really like Dax, cause he reminds me of Uncle Carter. He eats weird food and smells too.” – Johanna, age 13

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