The Registry

The Gypsies are a cautious and wary people, shown by their use of The Registry.

Through sad experience and great loss, Gypsies have taken great care in fortifying their homeland against invasion and deception.

I say homeland, but that’s not altogether accurate. They were driven from their homelands.

What they now defend is a hole in the ground, which is all they have left.

The more I read about them, the more I admire their determination to create a life for themselves…and the generations after them.

Thousands of entries in history books and personal journals whisper of the abused kindness and generosity of the Gypsies.

That being said, it only seems practical to put safeguards in place.

It says here in Denby Echo’s Vacationers Guide of Curious Facts, that before one can enter into the Black Market and partake of its treasures, a person must pass through a series of check points. He states that “magical safeguards assist the Sentry in their duty of protecting the people, be that Gypsy or those who have come to visit and interact under a banner of peace.”

He goes on to talk about how crowded it was….ruining his new shoes by stepping in goat dung…something about an overripe banana…here we go: “Once you arrive by the possession of a port key, a person must weave their way through a maze of tunnels to the port of entry. Though one could become lost if left to their own design, I found it to be a worn path, easily discernible, lit by torches and periodic camp fires to show any visitor the right course to take.

“After a rather long wait in line, my wife and I passed under the piercing eyes of the Sentry, and was immediately asked to relinquish my new port key. What’s worse, is that both Gillian and I were then prompted to surrender our index fingers, which were immediately pricked by a fine needle.

“In all honesty, if I hadn’t been asked by a rather lovely young woman with a breathtaking smile, I would have felt extraordinarily put out.

“Gillian and I were then instructed to place our index fingers on the clear glass of an ornate box…sealing my port key inside.”

The rest of the book was rubbish, filled with complaints about eating glowing snails. I did, however, find more one the subject from a battered proof version of ‘In The Dark: Misperceptions About The Iskari Gypsies’ by Höbin Luckyfeller. Chapter Four, page 38 says:

“New travelers always seem to complain about the process of entry. It’s too dark, it’s too humid, I stepped in animal droppings, yadda, yadda, yadda, and it doesn’t stop there. What REALLY freaks newbies out, though, is when they stand before the scribe—which happens to be whoever got the short end of the stick that day.

“They get called forward…by name.

“Now I’m an old hat at this process, so it’s funny as hell to see people gasp or even lose their lunch when they hear a complete stranger call them over to the podium by their actual given name!

“Question is, how did they do it? How did some Gypsy, who hasn’t laid eyes on you before, know your name?

“It’s in The Registry, that’s how. That monster of a book of gold that sits under the scribes nose, containing thousands of wafer thin sheets. Inside that huge volume is every name that has ever passed through the Port of Entry. That enchanted book gives the scribe specific information about you as an individual.

“The scribe knows your name.

“He knows your age.

“…even the deeds you have done.

“Most importantly, the scribe knows your intent.

“Every important detail he needs to make a judgement call. All from a single drop of blood you pressed into that tiny wooden box. No matter what kind of deception you have in mind, no matter what kind of spells you’ve been weaving to mask your presence…you blood don’t lie.

“If the scribe finds you acceptable, you’ll be permitted into the Market.

“If you’re not, well…that is another problem altogether.”

“If you get past The Registry, you’re good to go. Just keep your nose clean and you won’t have to worry about the Yuels.”


What’s Yuel?

– The Narrator

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