To look at a Tauku or to stand in their presence and to feel of their love for evil, one would never know they were once peaceful members of the tribes of Humär.

Ta-Ämäku [tay-AH-mah-koo], was one who sought for the mystery in all things and one of the first to uncover the mägo ways. His name, which means ‘seeking the hidden truth’ described not only Ta-Ämäku’s life, but his very nature. A healer and practitioner of the purest magic of nature, his life was one of peace and service.

Until the tribal wars engulfed the land.

Unwilling to fight against brothers and sisters, his tribe ensued for peace at every turn and used their considerable skills to heal the wounded, regardless of tribe.

Seeing a growing power that supported his enemies and jeopardized his underlaying plans, Mahan acted.

Promising both therrin and vallen dominion over Ta-Ämäku’s tribe, Mahan wove tales of vast hidden wealth, which he said were obtained by magic and deceit. Should the mägo be eradicated from Ta-Ämäku’s tribe, untold wealth and power would be theirs.

The slaughter went on through the night—screams of the innocent clawing the brisk autumn air until the few families left, flocked to the protection of Ta-Ämäku’s own hut.

Lost in his own anguish and rage, Ta-Ämäku used his abilities to defend against the onslaught against him. Hour after hour he fought, side by side with those of his fallen tribe, spilling the blood of his enemies until only a handful of his family remained.

It was then that Mahan appeared.

Using both sword and magic, the enemy fell at every turn as the Lord of Darkness stood over Ta-Ämäku in defense.

When the sun rose once more, the battle had been won and an alliance secured.

Ta-Ämäku and his tribe would serve Mahan faithfully in exchange for knowledge to defend themselves.

It was here that Ta-Ämäku became Tauku [tah-KOO].

‘Seeking the hidden truth’ became ‘darkness embraced’.

No mägo has reached deeper into the darkness of magic than the Tauku, which has twisted and warped both mind and body for generations.

Little of humanity remains in the race, but their burning hatred for both vallen and therrin remains alive and pure. It is only the covenant between the Tauku and Mahan that keeps them from bathing in the blood of their fellow servants.

Now a nocturnal, tree dwelling culture, the Tauku thrive in darkness provided by the dense jungles of Mävro, an island continent south-east of Humär. The race can no longer physically stand the direct touch of sunlight—which causes their skin to bubble and burn. Hence when away from their natural habitat, the Tauku conceal themselves in thick robes and bandages to protect their skin.

Both strong and highly intelligent, the Tauku possess unusual abilities and features, which include morbid appetites for pain. Their massive hands and arms support their propensity to swing from the trees like great apes, though this feat is rarely seen. Their extraordinary muscle structure does not, however, support the function of walking upon the ground without the greatest of difficulty—their feet and legs being the least developed limbs.

The most unusual feature of the race is their unusual facial tentacles. These seem to have taken the place of hair, though this is little more than theory. These appendages, which vary in length, move independently, each displaying a claw-like mouth at the end, supported by pale bone-like ridges.

Whenever pain or fear is experienced nearby, the tentacles quiver and sway. This action is quickly followed by a relaxing posture of the Tauku itself. It is believed that this sensation is a form of stimulant and has been found to highly addictive.

The magical prowess of a Tauku is nearly unequalled. Even the most advanced elemental magic is considered basic and fundamental among their kind. If there is a form of magic available to the Universities and Orders, it has been twisted and mastered by the Tauku.

It is rumored among the mägo that the Tauku maintain vast tombs, containing the detailed writings and forbidden studies of Mahan and his decent into the realm of necromancy.

Let us pray that it is only rumor.

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