Vallen was a slow, weak child of Humär who was mocked and pushed aside by others. Taunted and abused, the child was easily frustrated and brought to anger—especially when accosted by those younger than himself.

This made it easy to trick the teen into accepting unequalled strength, stamina and tolerance for pain.

Vallen was the first victory for the unembodied.

He also became the father to the most violence race in history.

Though the demons did nothing for his intelligence, the power of an ‘Ogriel’ became addictive. As sons were born, Vallen preached the power of the Dark Lord and how submitting to his will, one would find true and lasting power.

It worked.

Vallen quickly became Mahans’ most loyal and numerous warriors. Through the generations it became tradition to teach the “truth” about the other tribes: that it was the right of the vallen to rule among men, but their birthright was stollen from them.

Children are taught that the vallen turned to the Dark Lord and made a pact in exchange for the strength and ability to destroy their enemies. Thus vallen willingly accept the role of becoming Ogriel, giving up their freedom and very souls for temporary power.

The vallen have retrogressed over time, and though there are still a few Ogriel among them—prolonged genetic transformations have made the physical traits of the race permanent.

A vallen averages 6’5” tall and weighs over 300lbs, with strength equaling ten human men. This strength increases when fully enraged.

Because of their cannibalistic addiction, the vallen are not considered ‘human’ by other races.

Their skin rarely takes on the pink tones of their mortal counterparts, but tends to range from a dull grey to various shades of sickly green.

If you should you ever come across a vallen, take the meager advice of a researcher…and hide.

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