Deadly Nightshade Flowers

Mathias stood staring at the body that led on the bed of the chamber, he wore the clothes of a noble and was positioned as if sleeping but his chest did not rise and fall. Mathias drew closer to the body and began to inspect it, then he froze unable to move from fright. Resting gently upon the man's lips lay a single flower from the Deadly Nightshade, a calling cards of sorts and one everyone feared seeing for this was the mark of the Golge Cemberi, the "Circle of Shadows" trained assassins that worked outside of the law and were untracable, their contracts were always difficult kills.   "so why was this one so obvious?" he thought to himself, clearly someone was sending a message, "maybe this poor soul had cross the Circle in someway they would want to make and example then?" he mused.
— An Account of A Murder Investigated by Mathias Lanbrook, Crown Investigator.
  The Nightshade flower in itself not that significant it is commonly know as are its poisonous properties, it is easy to trace and seldom used by any respectable poisoner, if anything it is used by wronged wives on thier husbands who should of known better.   No the real reason for its reputation is the people who use it as a "Signature", for everyone knows of the Golge Cemberi and its use as an artistic token, for they like people to know when someone dies by their hand.   It has another nickname which is the "Death's Kiss" for it is the last thing that touches your lips before the Cemberi take you,
Night Shade Flower

Who are the Golge Cemberi?

Commonly refered to as the "Circle of Shadows" the Golge Cemberi are an society of highly skill assassins who work out of Nubindi it is believed. It is said that they only except contracts for kills that would seem impossible by normal means, no one has ever witnessed one of their numbers and it would be consider a myth if not for their calling card.  

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Grandmaster Serukis
Emily Vair-Turnbull
12 Jul, 2020 23:24

This is such a great idea. I love the idea of a flower used as a calling card for assassins. Such an almost poetic image too, of the flower on the lips.

Emy x
12 Jul, 2020 23:26

Thankyou for you kind comments, and yes it is actually an artistic signature for them since they see their craft as an art form :)