Kunkruk Crater

The Kunkruk crater measures some three hundred miles across it's widest point and falls to a depth of about one mile at is lowest, the floor of this massive depression is a tangled mess of mutated plants and wild life. At its center lies a great lake of silverly liquid that pulses with life and within this rests a strange shaped metorite that is coated in a thick mass of vines and eminates a pulsating silverish light. The land around this areas constantly shift as the reality breaks down and is twist into new forms, creatures who stray to close will return to their base elements rapidly mixing with the pool in an and ever increasing rate.  

Prepetual Mutation

Merely entering the creator area will cause biological matter to warp and mutate the futher inwards the more rapid the mutations become, this mutation is commonly thought to have created the Rashanni and several other species that now roam the world at large. The area within the crater is extremely lethal as many mutated beast have been created that resemble nightmarish visions, driven mad by the pain caused by their bodies constally changing and warping.  

Strange Creations

Sometimes creatures that have evolved in the crater will escape from its depths and move out into the world, some survive and indeed many of the species that now dwell with in the Jungles of Khenaris are descendents from these creatures, and several of the beasts that the Khenari use for their dark designs are bred from those creatures, for example the Khenari Blood Seeker is related to a creature that escaped and now runs wild in the jungles, others would include the great winged beasts that they ride in to battle.   Some of the most deadliest of creatures however are tiny in comparison but can kill an unware adventure before they even know what is happening, several small plans for example are so poisoness that their contact literally kills the victims before it has time to register its has been hurt.  

Doomed Expeditions

There have been several attempts by various factions to explore the crater nearly all have disappeared, it is believed that only one has returned and that was sent by the League of Explorers. The details of that expedition are however closely guarded by the Guild and they are mysteriously close lipped for an orgnization that prides itself on the education of the masses.  

Waters of Creation

The nature of the liquid within the crater is wildly speculated, but from some rumours that have cicurlated out of Khenaris the waters are proported to prolong life when consumed in small amounts and to this end the Khenari drive slaves in to the crater with the promise of freedom and riches should they return with even a drop of the liquid, many try but most do not make it out and those that do seldom live long afterwards as their bodies soon fail and die, even if the Khenari do not kill them first.  

Alien Origins or Acts of the Divine

The exact origins of the metor that cause the crater are unknown for it crashed in to the world during The Rebirth so there are no records of it available, it is unknown whether it was an act of final retribution by the Dark Gods, of alien origin or even something that Seraphine, The Dreamer left behind. To this date no one has solved the mystery and with the area so dangerous to enter it is highly unlikely anyone ever will. Although the growth of the lake at its center is a concern for some factions for at its current rate it will fill the crater within the next millenia.

Alternative Name(s)
Cradle of Life
Crater / Crater Lake / Caldera
Location under
Jungles of Khenaris

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