The Freeport Journal Offices

The Home of The Freeport Journal and its Fabled Printing Press

Purpose / Function

This converted water mill servers as the offices of the Freeport Journal company that sell the weekly news paper that reports on all happenings throughtout Crescent Island it is very popular amongst the locals and is often the talk of people in the city's taverns and inns.


The main alteration to this property were centered around the installation of the printing press and the addaption of the old water wheel to power this marvelous contraption. Other alterations have been carried out to the property to ensure its security and safety including reinforcement of the outer walls, additial support beams in the printing room, a large iron cage that surrounds the printing area, and highly expensive locks fitted to all windows and doors. The building is also aledgely warded by powerful magic, though this is unconfirmed by the owner.


Build mostly of quarried granite this large 3 story building includes a large waterwheel constructed from solid oak and coated with pitch. All windows of this property are glazed and fitted with lockable shutters, the doors are all solid three-inch-thick oak affairs, bound with iron and fitted with locks of exquisite quality.   Its inner chambers consist of a lower floor that houses the printing press and the storerooms contain supplies used to print the papers. The second and third floors contain several offices and meeting rooms where the reporters and other staff conduct their daily business. The Forth floor contains the private rooms of the owner of the establishment.   Some have commented that the place locks up tighter than most banks, but this is hardly surprising considering how much gold The Journal generates it is hardly surprising.


This building was once a water mill used to grind wheat into flour. Unfortunately, with the large expansion of Freeport it had fallen into disrepair and eventually closed.   About ten years ago it was acquired by the Freeport Journal newspaper and work began a new on its renovation transforming it into their offices and printing room. Now it is a busy hub of reporters, writers and visitors who wish to see the amazing printing press housed there which is the only one known to exists, its secrets are guarded vary closely by the Journal’s staff.


As previously noted this place draws a lot of interest from rival newspapers and the common people as well, there rare regular tours of the printing press but these are conducted under the watchful eyes of its owner and inventor who ensures nobody gets closes enough or has enough time to study its workings or mechanics, many consider it one of the "Modern" wonders of Freeport.

Founding Date
1534 AR
Alternative Names
Manot's Mill House, The Journal
Parent Location
Freeport: Riverside
Owning Organization
The Freeport Journal


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So, if I am reading correctly, the water wheel somehow is used to power the "machine"? That sounds really neat! I wish I could be on one of those tours and take a peek at the machine ;)

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stay tune its getting its own article at some point