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Most folks just want access to what I've written for the FAF, and the stories published by Jaime Buckley.   What can I say, we're popular.   Others, however, want the deep lore, history, art, videos, music, and the slew of materials added regularly.   Also, Jaime informs me of some disease traveling through your world--"COVID" I think he called it?   The thought of anyone being forced to stay inside for extended periods of time makes my teeth grind in frustration and anger. So Jaime and I agreed to make some of our own sacrifices--hopefully to help you.   We have made access to ALL our materials for $3 a month. We want you to save every penny for the MOST important things in your life.   Simple. Done. That's it.   You now get 720 hours of UNLIMITED access in trade for a CUP OF COFFEE.   MAHAN'S PINK PANTIES that's a good deal--AND you get my nifty artwork!
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  (UPDATE 3/20/21: Some have contacted Jaime, asking how they could be patrons for MORE than $3/mo. You're awesome. If you really want to support our efforts for more than $3--you can donate on our Ko-Fi page for whatever you want--just know that to get ACCESS to this site, you'll need to grab the $3 subscription. Again, thank you with all our hearts.)  
"Laughed so hard. Can it get any more crazy?"
"Exploring this site has been an adventure in itself. I am always fascinated to learn more about this world and the kinds of people who reside in it. Attention and love oozes from every page. And to top it all off its dripping with amazing artwork. Every page is alive with something new to see or learn, and I just can't get enough."
— Lengna
"I haven't stopped smiling and finding surprises tucked into every corner of every page since I landed on Wanted Hero adventures--looking forward to unlocking more scrolls and stories soon."
"A delightful romp through colorful landscapes and histories with even more colorful characters."
Drama, humor, gnomes, tragedy, powerful stories and amazing art all in one location. You would never forgive yourself for missing it.


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