Look--you want access to some amazing materials, and I WANT to give them to you. Truly, I do. --I just don't think it unreasonable to ask for a little sustenance in return...

Buy Hobin a Coffee?
Most folks just want access to what I've written for the FAF, and the stories published by Jaime Buckley.   What can I say, we're popular.   I'll give you access to all that for $3 a month.   Simple. Done.
  THINK this through--I'm just asking for a CUP OF COFFEE and YOU get 720 hours of access in trade. MAHAN'S PINK PANTIES that's a good deal--exclusive content the public will never see--all for a cup of...coffee? AND throw in my nifty artwork!
  (Hmmm, I'm starting to wonder if I should rethink this...)
Buy Coffee!
Buy Hobin a Drink?
You want MORE than just the stories? That's fine--I can negotiate.   I mean, coffee is nice, and I APPRECIATE a good cup of legal stimulant to keep me working like a madgnome--but I'm a BIG(ish) boy, and a stiff ale or Blackseed Rum often hits the spot where the water-beans can't reach (if you know what I mean, nudge-nudge, wink-wink).
  You buy me a DRINK for $5/mo and I'm willing to share my MEDIA goodies with you. I'll include both audio and video, inCLUDING HD artwork (things you can also download!).   In fact--for that $5, I'm willing to give you access to my art ARCHIVES and let you into The Creators Blog where Jaime Buckley shares his incredible professional experiences with other creatives.
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Buy Hobin a Meal?
Right. I can see you're a person with discerning tastes.   ...or greedy as hell, but hey--this is a negotiation, right?
  Look, I'll make this simple. I love coffee and I can always use a drink, but a person has to have a meal ONCE in a while!   That's where I'm going to hold the line--reserving my deepest, darkest, and wildest secrets for those willing to put a hot meal in my stomach.   What's that cost? Oh, meals around here go for roughly $10.   You buy me a meal once a month, you not only get 720 hours of access with all the stories, media, and artwork...I'll give you access to evvvvvrything I have.   This site will reveal every INTERVIEW, every NOTE, every SECRET, and as I uncover the DEEP lore--I'll place those at your fingertips also.   Those who FEED me, well,.....I'll find NEW treats to enhance the value the longer I can rely on a hot meal once a month.   Everything I research and reveal--YOU GET FIRST.   Sound like a plan?
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"Laughed so hard. Can it get any more crazy?"
"Exploring this site has been an adventure in itself. I am always fascinated to learn more about this world and the kinds of people who reside in it. Attention and love oozes from every page. And to top it all off its dripping with amazing artwork. Every page is alive with something new to see or learn, and I just can't get enough."
— Lengna
"I haven't stopped smiling and finding surprises tucked into every corner of every page since I landed on Wanted Hero adventures--looking forward to unlocking more scrolls and stories soon."
"A delightful romp through colorful landscapes and histories with even more colorful characters."
Drama, humor, gnomes, tragedy, powerful stories and amazing art all in one location. You would never forgive yourself for missing it.


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