Hurry on to Castle Andilain #30

“We’re here to serve this country,” you give your friends a stern look, “and I don’t know about you—but the sooner we get to an Inn, the better.”   Dorbane sighs, then rubs his next, “Right. I am beat.” He rolls his eyes at the Gypsy, smirking, “…and I’d like her to stop complaining.”   “Hey!” Valda squeaks, “Toadstool,” and jabs the Kutollum in the shoulder. “I agree, though,” she adds, “Let’s get to warm beds and full bellies as quickly as possible.”   Nodding, you lead your friends up the Kings Highway in the direction the old man left.   The moons give their light, casting a blue and red tinted glow to the road. You take several breaks through the night, but as the sun begins to rise, you see the peaks of the famed Castle Andilain.   “Wow,” Valda gasps. The sunlight cuts through the sky and streaks across the landscape, shimmering off the white stone of the castle walls. The stronghold almost looks like sculptured pearl. The blue and red banners can be seen draped from the highest towers. She smiles. “We’re finally going to be a part of something great.”   Dorbane looks at you and smirks. “Humans, hah! You’re so easily impressed.”   You roll your eyes.   The Kutollum slaps you on the back, “Try crafting an entire city from the innards of a live volcano, nestled in the frozen wastelands of the North, where the landscape glitters like diamonds…then tell me this is impressive.”   “You just had to ruin my moment, didn’t you?” Valda grumbles, marching down the road.   Dorband looks at you with feigned innocence, “What did I do?”     If you decide to ENLIST RIGHT AWAY, go to page #31   If you want to GET SOME FOOD & DRINK AT THE LOCAL INN, go to page #32


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