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"Any adventure-fantasy enthusiast will devour these books. Not only is Jaime Buckley’s writing captivating and often hilarious, he has an inexplicable way of bringing out the best in his audience. Every time I read one of his books I’m not just entertained - I am inspired to create; to do something great myself."

− Mandie Sanders | USA

"Quirky, unique and oh so funny. That's how I would describe Prelude to a Hero. This book is an introduction to the awesome tale in which an awkward boy has to save the blue residents of a far away planet from evil. This debut novel is a epic story that will leave you craving for more."

− Olivia | Sweden

"It goes from typical to a totally unique,side splitting,adventure. It has characters you can relate to. It has characters you never could relate to. It has places I was intrigued by. And best of all Jaime Buckley's universe has the feel that it's been around forever, we just didn't know about it till now."

− Cesilea Barber | USA