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Are YOU reading the CHRONICLES OF A HERO yet?

What Are Readers Saying:

Yes, they love us too =)

"I felt such a connection with Wendall that I almost feel protective of him."

− Books That Spark, UK

"The dimension in this book that we all have a Hero inside just did it for me!"

− Goodreads Member, USA

"I found myself snorting in laughter as I read…"

− A Book Vacation, USA

"Quirky, unique and oh so funny."

− Magical Books, Sweden

"I loved this technique because as a reader it made me think and also it made me relate…"

− Book Reviews, Canada

"I found myself wanting to know more before I had even finished the chapter I was on!"

− The (Mis)Adventures of a Twenty-Something Year Old Girl, UK

"Jaime Buckley is revealing himself to be a master storyteller who can use several voices to great affect."

− Nathan, Goodreads Member, USA

"Jaime's writings have a way to bring out emotions ( good and bad) that make you feel that you know and care for the people your reading about"

− Jeremiah Tipping, USA

"DAMN! Now THAT is what I call a STORY!!"

− Francis Hammett, Switzerland

"Some have said this book rates right alongside Harry Potter... I think it's a whole lot better!"

− Shadowlantern, USA

"I have not such a refreshing new series like this since Dragonlance or Harry Potter. No, I'm not trying to compare the style--but the effect of this world on my noggin."

− Goodreads Member

"I cringed. I looked over my shoulder.

...I think I even ducked once."

− Jessica, USA

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