What if there was something more?

More than your job or school. More than the arguments or fights with friends and family. The struggling to stay alive, struggling to be seen…heard…or accepted. What if there was more than this world? Have you ever wondered if you were being guided? That somehow the Universe was using the trials and tribulations of your life to…’prepare’ you for something more? Think about it.

What if each and every event you experience was specifically designed to guide you, shape you and mold you? To give you experience by opening your eyes, allowing you to discover greater strength and new abilities…so you could eventually, ultimately, become what you were always meant to be?

Someone more.

Don’t laugh. Don’t mock and don’t roll your eyes. I’ve seen it, and I’m here to tell you that there is an adventure awaiting each and every one of us. No one is exempt from this magnificent experience that can transform a life into something bright, wonderful and brilliant.

Into something more.

The hard part isn’t discovering this truth. The hard part isn’t in learning that even in a world of seeming impossibility–events can be moved, influenced and shaped in your behalf. Organized in a series of near-countless events, stretching back from the beginning of time, carefully orchestrated to provide the opportunity for you–specifically you…to come into existence. Right here, right now, at this place and time. No, that’s not the hard part…

The hard part, dear reader…is believing it.

Believing that regardless of what others may tell you, or what you have endured to this point in your life…you do matter. You have always mattered!

You are more than you think you are.

No one knows when this story truly began. We do know that when Mahan was captured, the events which led to his banishment were recorded. Events revolving around an ancient puzzle box, fourteen letters, a Council of Whispers…and a clerk. Great sacrifices were made and unspeakable hardships endured, to ensure the peace and safety of the world. But this was not the end…for evil can never be fully destroyed until we purge it from our own hearts.

Once more the world would require a hero. A choice heart, willing to do what others could not.

This is his story.