Because we heard the call and want to be united with our foreign brothers, to crush the forces of Mahan! #39

“So, you support our brothers from the North and from Äsä-Illäriu, being here in our lands?” Rodrick McDonnell’s expression suddenly turns cold.   You start to wonder if you just said the wrong thing.   Finally, he smiles again and pats you on the arm. “We all have to work together if we’re going to make it through these difficult times, don’t you agree?”   You smile back, “Absolutely, sir.”   “Then I won’t keep you further.” Opening the flap to the tent, he adds, “Sign in with Sargent Stewart, then report immediately to the army kitchen.”   Valda kicks you in the backside as you walk through the camp.   You spend the next seven months working in the mess hall.   The good news is…you eventually move up the chain and get to work in the stables.     THE END  


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