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This whole website is wrapped around AND based upon a published fantasy series.   You know that, right?   Of course, you do.    
If you haven't read any of the books it's based upon, here's a list of three things you should consider:  

STEP #1:


  Have a laugh, cringe, and a good cry by reading my first book in the series. It'll give you a solid foundation to enjoy this whole site.   Choose a link below and download a copy of Prelude to a Hero from your preferred vendor.   • Get Prelude to a Hero from AMAZON
• Get Prelude to a Hero from OTHER SOURCES

STEP #2:

Leave a Review!

This is VERY important--because the BEST advertising is always word-of-mouth. The main way people find out about these books is by YOU saying say something.

"I was always a sucker for comedy, but this book had me laughing till my cheeks hurt. Wendell has so many hilarious side comments and thoughts that I couldn't help but want to see how he reacted to everything.
— Leilani, USA"


STEP #3:

Consider Getting a Subscription!

Remember to follow us, yes, but to get EVERYthing we offer you'll want a subscription. Think of it as a passport to happiness, adventure, and odd things that make you laugh.   For a limited time, you can support us for just $3 a month. You'll get access to exclusive materials, downloads, videos, and more--for only $3!   Subscriptions will be going up to $20/mo, so we thought, "Wouldn't it would be nice to show our thanks to those who helped fund us on this epic locking in that rate for life?" So we did just that! As long as your subscription is active, it will never rise above $3 a month.   Ever.   Don't have a Worldanvil account? NOT A PROBLEM, a WorldAnvil account is completely FREE.   Join won't want to miss what's coming next!    


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