Potty Mouth. Stubborn. Wishes he'd never ticked off a Mägo.

I never did understand why anyone would want to be unkind to Morphiophelius (a.k.a. Chuck) in the first place. I've known Chuck all my life. He's one of the most loving, thoughtful, kind, and charitable beings alive.   To speak ill of such a person is like, well...kicking a puppy. You're just mean.   On the other hand, I never did understand why anyone would want to CHALLENGE Chuck in the second place---because it would be so utterly stupid. He's one of the most powerful, wise, determined, potentially dangerous beings alive.   To anger him is to seriously screw yourself twelve ways from TGII.   Then again, Fred was never had a reputation as the brightest bulb.
    All I actually know about Fred, is that he worked in The Black Market and had some words with the mägo. Chuck let it go, but the idiot didn't. Insulting Chuck, his profession, and if I understand correctly from Dax, the little turd finished with the mägo's associations within the market itself.   Ouch.   Don't know the history the two have, only that insults started and didn't stop until the Gentre was transformed into a clay garden gnome. Promptly stuffed into a knap-sac, the mägo ported from the Market, carting Fred off to Chucks Cottage off world.   The curse upon Fred will last for one season, or until a heartfelt apology is given (whichever is longer). This curse allows one hour of life in the flesh, per night. Beginning at midnight, Fred is given an opportunity to give a healt-felt apology, or be reverted back to clay.   He's been a decoration in the garden for nine seasons.   Idiot.
Fred first appeared in the book Race to Til-Thorin.

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E. Christopher Clark
17 Sep, 2021 10:43

Nice! I love the specific nature of the curse.

17 Sep, 2021 17:30

Welllll, I think both you and I can agree it's not a wise move to tick off a powerful user of magic.   Fred is a complete idjit.

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25 Sep, 2021 22:57

Hahahaha. I bet he makes a great garden ornament.

27 Sep, 2021 19:09

Not...really.   Fred still hasn't learned his lesson, and each time Chuck manages to build something new and nice, Fred tends to throw a temper tantrum and destroy it. Potted plants, new picket fences, ...the guy doesn't get a clue.   Going to be a long time before that kids gets home.

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