Gnome Slang

Clockworks City is among the youngest of societies, yet have progressed furthest in ways of technology, culture, and language than any other. As the massive metropolis continues to thrive and expand within its steel confines, each new generation strives to improve upon the language they were given, to make it their very own.   Sadly, the language usually gets mutilated instead.  

How did Gnome slang start?

For such an intelligent species, gnomes sure bastardize their own language.   My personal theory about the slang being used predominantly among the youth is that each new generation has a burning desire to be unique. For all the complaining parents seem to do, striving to help their children become polite and productive members of society--it pushes most youth in the opposite direction.   The older generation still own the property, make the laws (and enforce them), so what do youth have left to make their own? The way they look and the way they speak.   Hence to make their lives unique in superficial ways, gnomes tend to twist the way previous generations speak and conduct themselves in society. This is especially true when it comes to communication. The youth of today are able to hold full conversations in the presence of authority figures and unless they are conversant in gnome-culture, they youth might as well be speaking Vallen--because adults just don't get it.  

Common Slang & Where to Find Them

Another aspect one needs to keep in mind, is that Clockworks is a huge city, encasing multiple classes and twenty districts, each with their own culture and subculture of youth. This makes is near impossible to know the exact slang used in every part of the city--but there are universal words used generationally as a whole.   Bahonky: A street-stupid authority figure, usually referring to a Centurion or politician.
Motard: One who is completely ignorant of the way things are done pertaining to youth.
Wonker: A persona trying to act in a nice way only because they want something from you.
Bash: A drunken spree.
Goop: A stupid person who is also mean.
Butt me: Give me a cigarette.
Blow your wig: To become really excited.
Bumping gums: Talking about nothing important.
Motorized freckles: Insects that hit you while riding motor vehicles.
Frosted: Angry.
Mall-rat: Kids who hang out at the mall with nothing better to do.
Pressin': Kissing/making out.

Slang Phrases Used:

There are also common slang phrases used among all the districts:
Great going, ya mook!
You're so stupid, you couldn't find your way out of a mook bush!
ya doyt!
You complete idiot!
That rat ain't nuthin'
That mechanic isn't doing his/her job (referring to Trench Wars competition)


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