Lanthya Shard

I’m not altogether certain how to approach this subject, so I’ll share the examples I have at hand for you, the reader to decide its level of importance.   When the Lanthya was sent to this world, fragments of various histories speak of it being used—once Ithari gave of herself and plot the Lanthya into shards.   Legends say that the Lanthya was split into 13 distinct pieces.   Twelve shards for the twelve largest tribes ruling the people of the world. This was to keep the peace and prevent warfare from breaking out—all seeking the possession of the Lanthya for themselves.   The heart stone, also known as The Hero Gem was reserved for a line of Heroes, dedicated to battling Mahan , the being of evil who possessed the Book of Dark Bindings.   There’s not a culture I am aware of who doesn’t know something pertaining to the Ithari.   …but how many know about the power residing in each and every Lanthya Shard?

Shards of Raw Power

The Ithari has been referred to by Chuck as the ‘mother’ stone before—and when I asked him to clarify, said the last hero taught him that the Lanthya and all its pieces had incredible ‘raw’ power, where the Ithari had intelligence. The ability to act in and of herself—while also controlling the shards when in close proximity.   Gnome Tinkerer Morty Teedlebaum has done extensive research on the shards—as Chuck GAVE him one in payment (long story). Point is—Morty’s focus has been to create a free energy source for the whole of Clockworks City, by amplifying a shards own electrical field generation. What makes these charges so unique, is that they do not contain any heat.   For example, lightening striking a tree will generate tremendous heat and magnetic forces—vaporizing its sap, causing steam explosions that burst the trunk. Yet electrical discharges from a shard not only lack heat—there have been no recordings of humanoids being adversely affected (such as internal organs or nervous system damage).

Potential Energy

Raw power charges from shards can be closely compared to positive lightning, which only make up 4.6% of all lightning strikes.   An average bolt of negative lightning carries an electric current of 30,000 amperes (30 kA), and transfers 15 coulombs of electric charge and 1 gigajoule of energy.   Large bolts of positive lightning can carry up to 120 kA and 350 C.   The average positive ground flash has roughly double the peak current of a typical negative flash, and can produce peak currents up to 400 kA and charges of several hundred coulombs.    Furthermore, positive ground flashes with high peak currents are commonly followed by long continuing currents, a factor capitalized on by Mr. Teedlebaum.


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