When you've had a long day, maybe a bit disgruntled with the way you've been treated by fellow rats in the race, why not take a break and have a gasp, a shudder, and many, many hardy laughs.   Just flip on MeTube and follow the crazy duo PB & J, also known as the Pain Brothers.  

Channel Description

PB & J rank Pain for Science, Entertainment and Curiosity!   PLew and B put science into pain - the Pain Science! If you're curious as to how bad any particular pain is, all you have to do is let these two nutballs know! They're probably curious too...all filmed live by the boys genetically altered Mr. Bobo pup, Jay!   Learn how badly paintball hurts when shot up the nose, compared to fleeing a Ravosta, or eating Pepper spray, dropping in on an illegal ring of Clowns, and so much more!   Videos every Tuesday!  

Who ARE The Pain Brothers?

Paulie Lewis Turnpike

A.K.A. PLew

Talented accountant for TUG (Tunnel Utility Guild) by night, Paulie Lewis Turnpike has always had a fascination with pain. It could have been from the occasional maintenance truck turning over during ride alongs, dropping tools on his own toes, or being bit in the rear end by the neighbors dog.   Regardless of the reason, PLew decided to partner with his best friend to test the levels of pain commonly experienced in the lives of the professionals around him. What started as a hobby of testing soon grew into a live online event for both medical students and the public.

Justin Rey-Rey Bottleneck

A.K.A. Bee (B)

Manager for Quality Krafted Cabinets, Justin Rey-Rey Bottleneck has produced the finest metal cabinets for on-the-go machinists throughout Clockworks City. Founded by his grandfather, QKC was also a place of unfortunate accidents with heavy machinery.   When approached by his best friend PLew, ‘Bee’ (a.k.a. ‘B’) decided to improve company safety standards by using the workshop as the catalyst for their pain studies. QKC now has one of the best safety records in the industry, while catapulting ‘Pain Brothers’ to stardom.

So Who Is ‘J’??

Jay (or ‘J’), is the genetically enhanced dog, who films all the episodes of the Pain Brothers for their MeTube channel.   Originally purchased through Ashlee’s Awesome Ideas LLC, the partners pooled their money to order a top-of-the-line breed of Mr. Bobo. Surprisingly, Jay did not suffer from the 4% premature heart failure of the patent-pending S.N.O.B.Y.™ chip. Instead, this beautiful pup turned out to be a rare exception to the gene-splicing process!
  • Instead of always happy, Jay was found to always be curious.
  • Instead of Master Commands, Jay has learned nearly 100 custom commands, mostly aligned with filming the MeTube show!
  • Instead of maxing out at the guaranteed 51lbs carrying weight, Jay has show the consistent ability to carry an astounding 84lbs (all PB&J’s gear) without ANY sign of strain.
  • With Jay's extraordinary intelligence, he was the first canine qualified for elective surgery, allowing his brain functions to link with a portable microchip interface (PMI). This setup enables customization interfaces with advanced filming equipment.
  • Though it’s too early to estimate the hounds life expectancy, Jay has become the top priority for both MeTube stars and is loved and cherished at every turn.     PLew, B and Jay live in the not-quite-so-beautiful back alleys of District 12, where so much adventure, and pain, awaits!


    The Pain Brothers was actually inspired by one of Jaime Buckley’s favorite YouTube channels, ‘Pain Rankers’!?!  
    It’s TRUE! PLew and Bee are actually 'Blew' and 'J'...real life pain investigators, who release fun, funny, and ever-so-crazy pain tests each and EVERY Tuesday, ranking their horrible experiences by their pain levels…so you don’t have to!!   Check out and follow their YouTube channel, and stop by their growing Instagram page as well—and tell them WantedHero sent you!!


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    19 Aug, 2021 15:55

    Great page! I noticed a typo here: "pooled their many to order a top-of-the-line breed of Mr. Bobo. "

    Something is true.
    19 Aug, 2021 17:22

    Greatest page I've ever seen before keep the good work gentlemen

    19 Aug, 2021 18:46

    OOOO! Thanks for that catch!!!   EDIT!

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    27 Aug, 2021 17:50

    I physically flinched at " a paintball up your nose". No one needs to know what that feels like. No one.

    Great article though :)

    You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
    28 Aug, 2021 13:42

    HAHAHAHA---yeahhhh, well I think there are several things people don't need to know about, but the channel is entertaining.   On the falling into the water of a frozen lake...TWICE....I was screaming at the screen of my computer--because I could relate to something close to that and it was horrifying to me.   However--check out their Christmas ones--where they try the traps created from the 'Home Alone' movie.   Funny.

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