Report the incident to the authorities #44

Without delay, you run from the area and into the courtyard of Castle Andilain. You insist on speaking to one of the Royal Guard—the elite soldiers of High King Gaston.   When you mention murder, you finally get an audience with Marshall Golace. He seems to be a fair man and he patiently listens to your adventures and accusations.   …unfortunately, you have no real proof. Two dead bodies are recovered, and there are several witnesses, including the blacksmith, that testify the three of you entering the shop and closing the doors.   You are tried and convicted…for murder.   What’s worse, you’re found guilty of murdering men under the Marshall’s own stewardship…with the involvement of a Kutollum. Before a scandal can arise, you are all executed. High King Gaston makes it a public event, which satisfies the hunger for justice among the people.   Your heads now hang from the castle walls. Displayed over the three military camps as an example.   Violence between races will not be tolerated.   THE END  


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