Sir Barrow

The Iskari are a talented people, but few pursue the arts as a form of employment. Practical skills are encouraged, not only for the support of one's family but for the good of the whole community.   Sir Barrow is one of those exceptions.   Gifted with the ability to paint the 'essence' of his subjects, Barrow's portraits quickly became the center of conversations among those of wealth and influence. Barrow's, in turn, brought the prosperity he'd won among men, back to Sanctuary for the benefit of all.   His deeds followed him.   Sir Barrow took upon himself the commission of painting a Kutollum's wife--a woman of high station and unforgettable ugliness. Yet after spending time painting her, the portrait completed looked little like the physical aspects of the subject--but the feeling one flet when looking upon her, was undeniable.   There was a deep beauty in the very heart of the dwarf female--one that Sir Barrow saw clearly.   As a gesture of gratitude, Galep Bombul spared no expense in building the painter a mansion in the valley of Tamku within Sanctuary.
There is no greater talent than that of being able to see clearly what no other can see...and then to bring vision to the bind.
Sir Barrow was first mentioned in the book Prelude to a Hero.
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