Valda Uses Magic #66

“This isn’t safe!” you warn her, but she isn’t listening. The magic has already taken over—sending her into a mental spiral until she’s forced from the experience, or it reaches its conclusion.   “Let her do her thing,” says Dorbane, his eyes watching the shadow climbing into the boat.   Valda sways…then stumbles.   “She’s losing it!” you bark and sidestep to catch her, but she doesn’t fall.   “I’m fine,” she says finally, shaking her head clear.   Dorbane laughs out loud, “Well I’ll be—look at that, boy!” …and he points to the boat.   The shadow sways for a moment, then flips over the side of the vessel with a loud THUMP!   You find the soldier, snoring loudly, face first in the bottom of the boat.   Valda smirks, “I’m getting better at this.”   “You most certainly are,” you grin.   But the question is, what do you do with the soldier now?     Interrogate the soldier, go to page #68   Tie him up and take him back to Andilain, go to page #72  


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