What would YOU do if the Universe reached out and said, “I have another path I want you to walk…”??   Would you take it?   Would you leave everyone you know…and jump into a new environment, exposing yourself to new laws, rules, and a whole new world of expectations?   Imagine being kicked out of your comfort zone, and having every aspect of your personality pushed and tested to its limit.   Would you do it?   …or would you run away?

The Kid Who Chose To Help

Eighteen years old. That's all he was when he was taken from his home.   A normal teen, from an average family, yanked from some small backwater planet called Earth.  
This was never Wendell's fight. Mahan, Thule and even the Ithari weren't his problem.   Yet this kid found himself in an incredible situation, back against the wall--an anomaly--and exception to the rules we knew of...   The greatest magical artifact in our recorded world history CHOSE him as a host.   Who and what Wendell was before he found himself here on Elämä I can't say, but Morphiophelius, Dax, and even my daughter Alhannah, have told me the Ithari saw something in this kid.   ...and she was right.   It's damn near impossible not to like and admire Wendell P Dipmier, ...even IF his name is a bit embarrassing.      

The Mantle of the Hero

What I know about the Hero mantle is this--it's been passed down from father to son since the Lanthya first arrived on our world.  
There isn't any documentation that the host HAS to be from that specific bloodline (obviously)...but it sure was assumed that was how it worked.   *snort* That had to be a shocker…   I can understand Wendell's hesitation. If I were given some monstrous diamond by strangers, no questions asked, I'd consider that a bit weird.   Then have a council of robed mägo confront you--requiring you to now fight their battles for them. Oh, and not just ANY battles--but fight against the greatest enemy this world has ever known.   Master Mahan.   Genius. Ruthless. ...and known to be the most powerful mägo in history.   ...and you have to kick his but once and for all.   Yeeeeeah, good luck with that one.   Especially when it was The High Elder, leader of the Iskari High Council, that screwed this up in the first place.      

The Boy We Know Now

When you first meet Wendell, you notice his smile.   Oh, he's awkward and he may be nervous, but he will smile at you and shake your hand firmly.   Because he’s a good kid.   He will reach out, offering his hand in friendship upon meeting people, even for the first time.   If I could sum up the youth, I'd say he’s thoughtful, kind, giving and honest. Nearly to a fault (or so Wood says), wearing his personality on his sleeve for all to see.   In my personal opinion, it’s refreshing to see such a kind and positive personality in this dreary world.   That’s what makes this young man so special.   What you see is exactly what you’re going to get.   He's not always sure what he's doing, or even what he's SUPPOSED to be doing--but he's willing to sacrifice for those in need.


18 yrs


5' 9"






Dark Brown


The most prominent facial feature is his nose, which has been repeatedly broken while growing up. There is also a thick scar on his upper lip, where he was attacked by a dog.   Wendell sports rough scruff and a fuller goatee under his lip. He also wears a single, thin, gold loop earring in his left ear.
“Wendell, it doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not, the Universe doesn’t MAKE mistakes. You weren’t brought here to fail, so unless you give up, the plan is still in play. Learn in motion. Don’t look back. Just meet every challenge with your whole soul. Trust yourself, son.
  You have a good heart…the rest is just PRACTICE.”
— Mr. Dipmier
Wendell is in possession of the most extraordinary gifts in the way of what he wears.   Preferring to wear what feels comfortable, which usually means black Converse sneakers, blue jeans, and a black shirt with an animated smiley face, the result of wearing an unusual hybrid design of Mägoweave.   The creator of this outfit is unknown, though its existence is known to date hundreds of years before Wendell arrived.

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This is such a great introduction to this character. I love the artwork too - your style fits your world perfectly! :)

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Awwwww, THANk you Emily!   So nice of you to say so. I wanted to make all the characters more personal--so many additions and changes to come =)

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