You abandon your plans for Andilain #86

It’s about time you tell Valda what’s been grinding in your mind for months—ever since you left the Highlands down south.   Reaching out, you take the Gypsy’s hand. She looks at you curiously, but doesn’t resist.   “Valda, it’s not that I want to turn my back on what’s right—but where in this life are we required to save every soul we cross? When is it our time to pursue our own lives? When,” you falter for a moment, “can we pursue our hearts desires?”   “That’s what we’re doing!” she counters, “Going to Andilain, serving the country, the king.”   You shake your head. “No. That’s what I’ve been doing because I’ve been too afraid to do this.”   Without warning, you pull Valda into your arms and kiss her.   At first she half-heartedly struggles…but quickly wraps her arms around your neck and eagerly returns the emotions.   “Ahem.”   Her salty lips are soft and…perfect.   “AHEM,” Dorbane repeats, but he has the biggest smile on his face that you’ve ever seen. “I take it we’re not going to Andilain after all. Which, I don’t mind. Let others deal with their own problems this time.”   Valda can’t stop staring at you.   You grin at her and wrap an arm around her waist. “I actually prefer to try my hand as a merchant. To create a fortune for…my family.”     You walk the hostages back to the Kings Highway and immediately set off for Westgaiden. You do try your hand at being a merchant. Dorbane becomes your partner, growing a strong exchange with his people to the North and you all become very rich. You marry Valda. You have three sons and a daughter—the pride of your life.   Even during the darkest times of war—you find a way to be happy through the love of your family. When you die, you do so of old age, leaving a dynasty to your posterity that lasts for twenty generations.     THE END  


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