You decide to head for the hills and leave Andilain behind you #37

“There’s no way we can stop this when those in charge are corrupt. They hold all the power and control.” Valda kicks a stone through the trees, “We’re helpless!”   It’s a troubling thought, but there isn’t much choice. If you go back, you’ll either draw suspicion, maybe be accused and arrested. On the other hand…   “Well, if we didn’t sign anything, there’s no reason to stick around,” shrugs Valda, “Is there? I don’t intend to risk my neck for people who want to slit it.”   “I agree,” you reply, “let’s get as far from here as we can.”   Leaving the soldier uniforms and pitiful excuses for weapons, you and Valda walk into the night.   Over time, you find your place in the world, which always holds opportunities for those of good hearts and able hands. You eventually find work as rangers and take part in some well-known battles waged in the Tilliman Highlands.   …you even cross paths with the legendary Nethinim.   But that’s another story altogether.    


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