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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about an important plant in your world and what it is used for.
A total of 481 entries

Traveller's Goldenglow

The Herbs of Diamen


Healer's Help - WIP

silva cedar trees

The Flesh Fruit Tree

Mothers Kiss & Fathers Lash

Breathmoss or Deathmoss

White Briar Plant

Phurate Root (Fur Root)

Firehandrand vines

Ryrwss [Pron: Kikuss]

Iuerya: The Stone-Weed

The Temporal Aspens

"God's Drips", Mortis Fragra

Rose of the Coloured Woods

The Lorel Whitebranch

Chamim (Kalat Resin)

[i]Alitriv[/i], The Life Giver

Fairy's Blood & Pixie Dust

Konalian Frostflower

Olrelia (medicinal plant)

Goosefruit Tree (Barnacle Tree)

Gwáute Cactus

Kantiil Wist Blossom

Purple Starflowers, aka Kesma's Gift

Violet Nightshade

Azure Mountain Clover

The Comet Orchid

Lumutmerah - the Red Moss

Fen Szem Wort, Healer of Maladies

Climbing Stag Hericium

Starleaf [insert Dulmagi name]

Heldra - The Flickering Fire Flower

Filomenta Tree (Fleshwood)

Lithshrooms (Mycena Indigo)

Yernhuln Trees and Leaves

Croaking Succulent

Screaming Lilies

Taraxacum Egoistica

Winter Tear Bells

Chamomile - Water of Youth

The Hyke Plant Family

Spiritwood Tree

Phoenix Birchtree

The Travelling Trees (Travellers)

Honey Savior (flower)

Dragon Tooth Polyp