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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe an inhospitable area in your world and what its environment is like.
A total of 432 entries

The Northern Reaches


The Northern Promontory

너를 잃어버린 - Lost On You

Der Kontinent Charrar

The Shattered Plains

Plains of Asharaz

Svensellrith River

The corrupted Southeast

The Frostloft Range

The Forbidden Forest

The Mountains Mophu

Ebene der ersten Begegnung

The Glass Forest

The Edge of the World

The Scorched Tarn of Arganoth

The Noxious Sands of Whuria

Spiderhaunt Forest

The Great Eastern Desert

Falsyth Tablelands

The Wastes of Kiros

Floresta de Mordain

Appoka Wasteland: The Waste Below the Clouds

Navarro Exclusion Zone

Dead Sea of the Timbers

The Crown of the World

The Great Salt Desert

The Brooding Grotto

The Desert of Lost Souls

Traveling in the Kingdom of Wind

Arajryn, Tomb World of the Forsaken

Ice Plains of Klinkidok

Blackbranch Forest

Congradagh mountain range

Yellowstone National Park

Ingenting Island Group

The island of mist and magic

The Precipice of the Wartorn

Lasracha ar an Bhfarraige

Desert of Swirling Sands

Rhodistrian Desert

The Wastelands; A perplexing and dangerous land

Shatterspine Peaks

District 11: The Junkyard

Frostell, Tundra Barrens

Pentangle-Inhospitibile location

The Immortal Wastelands

The Vampire Nebula

Nissayrian Badlands

Home of the Clouds

The Eastern Coast Rainlands

Arctic Tundra of the Jotunn

The Southern Sand Plains

Ares 9 or "Anarchy Planet"

The Blasted Lands

Forest of Ghosts and Shadows and Fearful Frights

Godswrath Plateau

The Voiceless Wastes

Wastes of Ishtarr

The Endless Sands

The Great White Plains & The 4 Southern Watches

Yatkaugo: The Dead West

The Painted Wastes

The Industrial's Grave

The Mirror Marshes of Murtinnth

The Unmoving Wastes

The desert of death

The Khastis Desert

Die Blutmarschen

The land that looks like Eight

The Continent of Jezadira

The Great Pits of the Underground

Le désert de Sorzo

Quarantined World

The Great Southern Wastes

Outskirts of Vinyata

The Ruined Plateau of Thysduin

Crystalis Ravine

The Fireshard Islands

Pillars of Silence

Princess Mua'lini's Desolation - WIP

Tambok Plateaus

Old Coppania Lowlands

Frozen Malevolence

Kellanon's Abyss

The Lands of Inferno

Plastiform Briarwoods of Tigerpaw Baidu

The World's Crown Mountains

The Flickering Mountain

The Felshard Tundra

The Sharesessi Desert

The Vindexian-Provector Border.

The Thoringalvonic Sands

Calecolin Timberlands

The Bitesalt Beach

Algiss Biological Exclusion Zone

The Denhagara Necropolis

The Stomach of Silvestri

The Unpleasantness

Ektaros Hazard Zone

The Spot of the Severing

The Dragonbone Graveyard

The Sands of Shuna

The Sulphuric Marshes

The City of Spires

The Fractured Planes of Belle

The Vestern Uninhabitable Zone

The Frigid Mountains

The Cold Expanse

Continent of Vrudias

Endless Sea of White

The Glades of Sorrow

The Gorgonian Desert

The Desert of Harq'nar

Hills Southwest of the Edge (-1, -1)

Die flüsternden Felder

The Celestial Wastelands