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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a constructed or natural landmark in your world.
A total of 380 entries

Brethren Court Grand Hall of Yarta

The Silverrine Academy of Advanced Magics

The Amphitheatre of Lyra & Lyrus

O Grande Arsenal de Woodhelm

The Grand Hall of the Defenders

Temple of the Ocean Gods (Dejima)

The Stone Giants Forge

The Rain Curtains of Faeln

The Watchtower of the North

Der Leuchtturm von Okodranous

Landmark (because names are, as stated before, hard)

The Great Gate of Orladica

2. A Bar, Miles from Conan

Calcaria's Monument of War

Le Sanctuaire de la Balise

Lighthouse of Telmabrakhys

Wluwut Kaukroyi: The Toilet of Titans

Statue of the Serpent Marfal

The Purple Falls of the Frozen River

Commonwealth Institute of Technology

The Remembrance of Heroes Past

Twelve menhirs of the red hills

Statue of Gweney, Warrior-chief

Gulf of the June Star, Ancient Crater

Jhidgros' Palace of Gold and More

On the nature of the great Spires and Lamps

Father-King of Christmas Empire Plaza

Higashi Taifûmon 東大風門

Monastery Of The Sumbrennes

Childhood Home of the Heathen Prophet

Ayasard: The Mother Mountain

The First Temple of the World

A strange site: Petit Bateau

The Volcano of Creative Magic