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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a constructed or natural landmark in your world.
A total of 380 entries

Portail de l'Élysée

Aodian Channel Bridges

Spruce Summit Lake

Brethren Court Grand Hall of Yarta

The RJK Hydropower Facility

The Silverrine Academy of Advanced Magics

The Palette of the Muses

The Amphitheatre of Lyra & Lyrus

The Tower of Calmatia

Die Schwarzen Berge

The Library of Torgos

The False Peaks

O Grande Arsenal de Woodhelm

The Grand Hall of the Defenders

Frozen in Another State

Temple of the Ocean Gods (Dejima)

The Stone Giants Forge

The Tree of Sacrifice

The Rain Curtains of Faeln

Citadel of the Mammonim

The Watchtower of the North

Das Denkmal des Triumphes

Der Leuchtturm von Okodranous

The Wave Rocks of Inrigos

The Shrine of Sanjia I.

The bas-relief of Germanicus

Twin Mountains of Elmon

The Harbor Guardians

The Sunbashed Gardens

The Purgatory Steps

Las Montañas del Titan

Colombier, Quebec, Canada

The ouroboros - WIP

The Elemental Wards

The Tower of Asha

Troeggskein - The Tree of Armor

Amplification Ring

Monastery of the Eyes

The Lighthouse of Hajdib

The Seasonal Temple

The Aethan Temple

Landmark (because names are, as stated before, hard)

The Great Gate of Orladica

Uppgårdskolan, Stenhamra

2. A Bar, Miles from Conan

Great Blue Moon Tower

The Mother Mountain

The Stronghold of Dal Gabond

Light of Rainbows Cave

Calcaria's Monument of War

The Tomb of Imhotep

Crosslinks in Battle

Lost Estate of Sholow

Lunalupis Castle

The Ancient Twins

The Goliath Mountain

The Ralkh Chrael Springs

The Dragon-tongue stone

Harren Cataracts

Castle of the Divines

Le Sanctuaire de la Balise

Spiral Of The Silver Sea

The Shrines of Stone

Tower to the Heavens

Rivercross Watchtower

Singing Gorge and Rebel's Arch

Lighthouse of Telmabrakhys

Pentangle-The Pentagon

The Garden of the King

Wluwut Kaukroyi: The Toilet of Titans

The Pillar of Antor

Mansion of the Association

The Great Iron Wall

The Golden Light Tower

Statue of the Serpent Marfal

The Purple Falls of the Frozen River

Commonwealth Institute of Technology

The Pillars of Virtue

The Tower of Oaths

The Yellow-Blue Beacon

The Rook and Raven

The Tree of Wenrana

The Remembrance of Heroes Past

Espina de Dragón

Pykes of Kolgath-Gal

Great Tetzcotzinco Garden

Twelve menhirs of the red hills

Old Ellef Lighthouse

Statue of Gweney, Warrior-chief

The Bridge that Shava Built

Gulf of the June Star, Ancient Crater

Xahalh Government House

Sarcadia's Memorial

Heart of the Jungle

Dallid and Direll Potion Shop

The Summoner's Circles

Jhidgros' Palace of Gold and More

Radivadg's Watch

The Grand Concourse

The Emperor's Palace

The Tree of Miur Lanath

The Colossus of Verlona

Prison of Jarzul

Harmonic Server Towers

Les arbres saignés

Palace of the Somnolent

On the nature of the great Spires and Lamps

The Port of Alcoh

Father-King of Christmas Empire Plaza

The Screaming Towers

Higashi Taifûmon 東大風門

The Crystal Staircase

The Eternal Fortress

Monastery Of The Sumbrennes

The Whirlpool (SC'19)

Childhood Home of the Heathen Prophet

Lighthouse of Sidmar

The World's Tendril

The Kinstone Monument

The Crown of the World

Breeches & Breechlands

The Column of Hope

Pillar of the Sun

The Ethereal Spire

The Sanguine Monument

The Mouth of Wend

Grand Phare de Caphää

The Pillar of Erdantia

Eltrebyo a boin E

The Lion of Bechlea

The Great Dragon Pillars

Ayasard: The Mother Mountain

The Starving Mountains

The Shop out of Nowhere

The Unity Monument

The First Temple of the World

A strange site: Petit Bateau

The descending spires.

The Volcano of Creative Magic

Church of the Six Dragons

The Jinara Catacombs

The Walled Menagerie of Bussar

The Tower of Valo

Murderer's Tower