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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a creature that is used as a beast of burden or transport animal.
A total of 363 entries


Giant Northboard Eagles

The Provector Mountain Troll

Imperial Draft Horse

Messenger Homunculus

Northern White-Wolf

The Common Donkey; Beast of Burden

Domesticated Giant Ray

Snow-cap Wyverns

Behemoth Butterfly

Buggies -- mantid ostrich horses

Therean Riding Bird

Homo oracith afargith

Boramo (pl. borami)

Mammoths of Worheim.

Sylvanfall Transport

The hooma farms of Aarden

Domesticated Carrion Crawler

The Emidian And Talarian Camels

Alizarin Steed (Reptiquestrian)

Four Horned Gorshon

Wedge-Faced Monitor

Greater Triceraclops

Giant Chelmak Turtle

The Dragon Ox - Ḍaraigana baila

Domesticated Reindeer

Stouters, Goats of the Riverlands

The Murky River Flat Ridged River Ray

Woowroik: The Sea Balloon

Les chèvres de traits

North forest horse

Giant Jecali Sunfish

Aeolakyn Magpie Golem

ManuTech Universal Load Engine

Giant Eagles of the Golden Eyrie

Duǎn-Kah Fungi-Eel

Marivan Dromemel

Turbear, the turtle-bear

Rockslider Geckos

Escorpiões Gigantes

Tuskpeak Beetle

Makhlab'rabtur (Claw Predator)

Farhauler (Pack Tortoise)

Long-tailed Camel

The Gigant Deer Snail

The Irivi - Kjeri Companions