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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a tale surrounding a mythological creature in your world.
A total of 267 entries

The Myth of Eastend

The Omyhx Dragon

Vel'on The First Light and the creation of the Universe

The Clipping of the Kenku

A Tale of the Flammas

The Matyll Siren

The Nightwalker under I'Leadair

The ghost in the hollow hill

The Astral Beast

O Dragão de Mil Faces

La Chute de Firmament

The Story of the First Dragon

The Myrk, the Atomi & the Cati

The Beast of the Moors

The Lugal of Trolls

The Thorins of Markavin

The mother the dragon and the kraken

The Dragon's Bride

When the Shadows Came

The Cat with the knowledge of the universe

The tale of the Dragona

Jacuro, the Two Headed Snake

The First Animaterial

Spira, The Moonlight Butterfly

A Sidhe-Ouro Tale of the Prince of Cats

Flametongue the Amber

The Story of the Stars

The Waltz of the Wicked

Misvir and the Birth of the Jotunns

The Dragon of Pyreland

The Worldeater Kraken

Xeri and the White Beast

Xarnnaval the undying flame

The Beast of the Separation

A Vindexian's Folly

The Wayward Archon Spirit

Downfall of Kelonazh

Trash griffons talk about dino griffons

The Story of Dar Crioch

Seanfhear the Stone Giant

The Price of Leaving

Alavara, the Sunset Dragon

The Spirit of the Woods

The Tortoises that Move the Mountains

How Iloq decieved us all

The Saga of the Five-Tailed Wolf

Unaturna, the Mother

The King of Red Lions

The shade king of Congradagh

The Shadow of the Steaming Forest

Aquake'ian "The ocean's comet"

Trial of the Crimson Tail

Shadow of the north

Destriers étincelants d'Y'ffre

The White Dragon of Yysmin

The Tale of Mordrigal

Nymph of the Atoll

The Craven's Mistress

Varmentus, The Dragonlord of Legend

Pits and a Minotaur

The great Dragon of the north

The Death Callers of Contae Shligigh

Nobrin and the Dreamweaver

Dance of the Nothrem

Cuzera and her Hunting Beast

The Silver Pond of the Ginka Mountains

The Golden Arbiter

The Horrors of the Voru-Gai, the Blast Dragons

The Stag who got Stuck

The Twin Spirits, Lamd & Vulf

Kro A'aruaiki: The Great Sovereignfly

The Thing in the Deeps

Beware the Stalker of the Stars!

Tale of the Accursed Warrior King

Dust Devil of the Parched Expanse

Legend of the Silver Raven

Dragons: The Myth

Fujimori and the Fox: Shrines of the Nonogawa Valley Myth

Heracles and the Dhemse

The creature of death

Les bêtes géantes de l'intercité

The man who lead the beetles.

The rough dull man and the ekekeh

Amphita and the Turtle

The Slithering Stalker

The Vault of Gaul

The Dragon and the Lord

The Dragon of the Ashen Lake

The Phoenix and Rebirth

Miraica - The Seaweed Woman

The legend of Swagman Júk

Lěhěměfii and the Sea

The Story of Dartoth and the Dayfire

The Cliff Hopper and the Mountain Goat

The Forces of Nature

The Children of Mud and Moss

Parro and the Bird

Emperor of Evil and Terror

The light that burned the darkness

The Myth of the Qeplueoytz

The Wrath of Taboo

A little boy and his Mother

Trek to the End of the World

The Keeper of Sacred Law

The Tale of He Who Roams

The Lady and the Vampire

The Ancients - WIP

The Legend of the Sunbird

San Closs and Chrissmass

On Leviathans, the Origin

The Almighty and the Birth of the World

Ank'Kaaros, The Unshaken Wave

The Running of Centaurs

Dagstjarna (The Daystar)

The Feathered King

Ashkah and the Air Dragon

The Tale of the Drelian