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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe the culinary traditions that are unique to an ethnicity in your world.
A total of 213 entries

The Wrapfruit Harvest

culinary traditions in the vortex


The Culinary Traditions of the Runian Succubi

Survival in the Underneath: Culinary Matters

Forrest Gnome Food Choices

The lack of eating utensils for Wood Elves

The mushrooms of the west

An old Eskanian marriage feast

Exploring Crevice: The Food

Sea-dweller Cuisine

Cuisine of the Tree Elves

Ritual of the Predator

Cadmeian Culinary traditions

Hellionic Feasts

Culinary Traditions of the Orcs

Cuisine of Euhukoan Dwarves

Cooking in Doliwec

Culinary Arts for Otterfolk

The Bravani Gift of Life

The Sea Folk's food

Zephyrian Culinary Traditions

A Vanser’s Supper

Elven Cooking Traditions

Tea Ceremony (Eristur)

The Culinary Traditions of Necrotus Concerning Seasoning

Uxili Culinary Traditions

"The Dance of Fishes"

The Rite of Ignition

Tamard Food Sacrifice

Tarquinnian Cusine

Foods around the world

Sweet Treats in the Heat

The Chitrean Diet, slim fast and effective

Wintertime Food in Duralon

Krazhu: Taditional Preparation

Mělâ̂mdœri Stir Fry

The Hearth of the Vindexians

Dietary Habits of the Wild Folk

Honor of the Hunted

Xerethian Culinary Traditions

Shadow Island cuisine

Feast of the Forge

Slirene Kingdom culinary traditions

Azoturian Vegetarianism

Kanotak Pigment Foods

Cackle fruit and coppers

Soramizian Cuisine

Dragon's Feast (Holiday)

Ilyrian Circus Food

La nourriture fongique des montagnes de l'Est

Ixoli Culinary: Frying of the Bramin on Sky Day

Launch Day Lunch

Long-table Dinners

Spoitalian cooking

A plate for the Court.

How to cook exotic meat: a guide on how to cook everything from umberhulk to dragon to kobold

The Great Mammoth Feast

Leaving god outside of the table

Eldorian Harvest Festival

Syddemoniska matkulturen

Ellavarian Cuisine

Standing at a Menicean table

A Mok Thanksgiving

The Sharing of Bread and Water

Food Preservation in the Lands of the Stormborn

The Fair Weather Festival

Tradicion Culinaria Tusken

Yosei Cullinary Traditions

Malethas’a Garvil aferval

The Sweet Cuisine of Mignimass

Gnoll fermentation

Aurora's Gathering

Drow Cuisine (SC'19)

The Yumeri Festival

Starport’s World-Renowned Delicacies

Orcish Festival Feasting

Illalunan Street Food

Ijian Culinary Traditions

Dietary habits of the Thramorri

Karwansa Fish Festival

Planting in Cold Ash

Weloira: Water Food

Bread Culture in Losan

The Culinary Habits of Swamp-Dwelling Halflings.

Eastern Wandrel cuisine

Indulgent Dinning: A look into the Cult of Rakdo Culinary Culture

Miinu Food and Preparation

Sahanti's culinary rituals.

Seaxe Meal Customs

Yauar Initiation Rites

Diamonddew Meal Traditions

The Feast of the Returned

Juntel Trees: Fruit and Spice and Everything Nice

Makarian Cauldron Brewing

Dartesi's Humanities

Food Preparation in Space

Spécialité culinaire : Mouton à l'histériole en croûte

Culinária de Breland

Festival - Ancient's Day

Last Summer Meal

Hyvamaan Feast of Plenty

Culinary Traditions in Akhang-Ahvar - a Tourists Guide

Three Element Cooking

The Art of Bonding: A Treatise on Halflings and Their Relationship With Food

The Drigkan-Weina Ceremony

Competition of Talents

The Gift & Gift Returned

Shaarani Snake Baking