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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a popular card, dice or board game in your world and how it is played.
A total of 243 entries

Collision: A game of strategy and daring

Pursuit of Victory

Rope and bone, twig and stone

Dishonest Dice

Vors’Brok (game of war)

Chir-Kal - The Fool's Errand

Gambler's Sleight

Taunting the Watchers

The Tower (Game of Chance)

Underground Movement (Dice Game)

Commander’s Gambit

No Evil -- a communication game

Le jeu de l'escalier

Creatures and Caverns (game)

Fieg and Ga'le (SC'19)

Reliquary : Cards, Gems and Strategy

Qyveo - Mastery of the Three Realms

Troublesome Elements(dice game)

Algo-Rhythm (Card Game)

Empire the Board Game

Struggle of Seasons

Investment of The Gods

Krieg (Karten-/Würfelspiel)

Magic: The Sundering

(the simpler version) Camru War (why is this classed as a ritual?)

The Monster Chest Card Game

Witch Chess (Lex'tid Aranaa)

The lying taleteller

The Dwarven Game of Ur

Thunk - Skipping Stones

Queens Gambit / Queens Folly

Changling Card Game

Dueling Dice of Doom

Knuckle Runner, The game of chance

Policy of Honesty: The Party Game

Kai Wuoyi: Tales of the Nine

Disc Casters Quick Play Guide

Tactics and Triumphs

Walk The Plank (Card Game)

Vier Engel, ein Teufel (Kartenspiel)

Inzintamboan Checkers

Compass Rose: A Classic Merkarian Card Game

Towers and Tarantulas

Call The Quarters: A Tavern Game

Imperial Deceitstones

Siege of the Ancestral Tower

Shasyalish Dà̃mo

Pentarchs (Card Game)

Graveyard fragile croquet

Royalists and Loyalists

Wing Cross (dice game)