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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a technology from the history of your world - is it lost to the ages, or did it shape the world today?
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Ice Breaking Technology

Silvewheat cultivation

The Spire Defense Network

Primordial Observatory

Vaimei Crystal Shaping

Mechanized Locomotive A.K.A. The Brass Bullet

Interplanetary transportation

Teleportation Circles

Hirblun Containers

La punchinvrille, l'ancêtre de l'interrupteur

Cogs, a gift from Erathis

Magic Absorption Bombs

Flying ships of the Senemi

T'illik'eye Travel Magic


Die Schmiedekunst der Glutwichte

Mezznian Crystal Syphon

Pyramids of Vimerias

Ailan Abstraction Procedures

Chrono Archaeology

Immovable Rods -- (People of Iron)

Battle Simulation Holographic Technology

Intergalactic Travel

Flameblood Bouyancy Pod

Crystal Scrying Glass

The Adelaaria Language

Linked Extra-Dimensional Space Boxes

The Printing Press

Ancient Phonograph

Tyrian Textile Dye Process

Printing Publication

Information Synchronization

Holy Symbols of the House of the Seven Divines

Veines de fraicheur

The impossible aeroplane

Practices of Automancy

The new Frialian material: glass

Teleportation Gates

The Beacon Network

The First Project: "To Dance With the Wind and Skies"

Fractals of 4th Degree or Higher

Steamwork Boilers

The Threat of Microscopes

Waterwheels in the Heartlands

Verstärkende Tättowierungen

Highpressure Magofurnace

Triangular Sailing {English}

Les voiles de condensation

Spirit Magic to SpiriTech

Biological Engineering

Soliron edényének készítése

Galaiven Ruilethian

Navigation céleste

The Bahr-Heisig Communications System

Windwalkers Potion

Life Force Renewal Core

Constructing an Anchor

Artifice: Golemugice

Selschaeus Containment

Magical Technology

Magic-Driven Distillation

Electromagnetic Weapons

Incendiary Grenades

Leylines: Magical Technology.

The metaphysical orbit calculator

The Lost Magic of the Fairies [WASC2020]

Medicina Adaptativa

Technology of Barsamin

DSC - Deep Space Communication

Stoneforge Fermenter (SC'20)

Circuitation of Energy

Electric Channelers

Francisco's technology

Storing Raw Magical Energy

Harnessed Crystal Fire

Rotational Cryotechnology

Pleiades Fusion Process

Lost Magic of the Divine

Artificial Intelligence

Magebane Tincture

Implante cerebral de supervivencia

Prompt 26: Rift Gates

Zeribian seafaring

SC2020 - Fusion Core Reactors

Landwirtschaft, Ackerbau

The History and Influence of Forging in the Wraith Globe

The Lost Magic of the Demon Age

Early Gobbet-hood

Magical Mechanical Marvels - a lost technology of wonderous toys

The Rise of Alchemy and Automation

Alcanatocks Arcane Activators

Airships in Anhara