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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a myth or legend relating to a famous, long-lost item.
A total of 532 entries

Impossible Task From The Vain God

The Spear of the First Emperor

The Tale of Isaac the Everburning

The Seven Saints and the Three False Kings

The Darkened Heart

Leto's Birthing Seat - Delos

The Firelord's Gaze

The Iron Eye of Valene Akanye

The Helm of Konungr Omadon

The Crusade of Myrlin

The Legend of the Soulsong

Saga of Banrath and Marbhadh

Queen Kanara's Blade

Das Herz des Eiskönigs

Legend of the Lost Compas

The Sun Cow and the Fire Fox

The Gem of the Perpetual Sea

The Pestilence King's Crown

How RIth Acquired The Belt of Nagard

Die Drachentöter der Elfenherrscher

The Black Horn and Mt. Horen.

Myth of the Deck of Altered Fates

Legends Of The Dawnstar Shield

The Dance of Claw and Tooth

The Lost Magic Harp

The Curse of the Sacred Crialium Stone

The Spoon of Neville

Schriftrollen der Kol'dar

The Sea Hoe of Tsuixal

Firmina and Far-Bright

blere romethoreds thay yeendged /ˈblɛə ˈɹoʊmˌθoʊɹdz thaˈɪ jiːnʤd/ or The Sword of Leo

The Glorious Vulkenar Telescope

The Diadem of Dreams

Whispers of the Coldest Iron

Zoesymoz's Cookbook and the Final Recipe

The Tongue of Ciholve

Legend of the Lifeblood Grimoire

Skeletons from the Clouds

The endless flame of Ashil

The Founder's Regalia

Maighread's Necklace

The Flower Crown

The Vampire of Bhanadir

SC2020 - The Mothership

Hand of Invictus

Hitaþrymja, la hacedora de leyendas

Black Dragon Bat

The Shield of Keydove

Artwyn and the Stone

The Legend of Bezear's Shield

The Cuff of Captain Artemis

Rod of the Sundering Tsunami

The Sword of Teldus

Disappearance of the Declaration

Story of the Blood Drop

Legend of the Divine Seal

Crown of the Presidium

The Girl with a Crown

The Shadow of Una's Cradle

Resurrection of Queen Laeone

The Loss of the Treasures

Volund and the Heart of Luna

The Lost Helm of Soldas

Skywatcher, Tiamat's Bane

Pe'jan's Watering Can

Wo A'aru Weroo Ya: The King and Time

The Bloodtree Tapestry

Whaugh Thazar, Forge Hammer of Whymnír.

La leyenda de la Vara Solar

The Jewel of Eae-Nirin

The Bloody Harvest

The Imprisonment of Maladar

The Wheel of Water (myth)

The Amulet of the Bright

The Celestial Wedding Gift

Satisa - The Mistblade

Dragaeyn's Whispering Knife

The Deck of Calamities

The Tale of the Spear of Time

The Reckoning Storm

The Stars of Vidoria

The Myth of Loki's Coin

Scherben der Fremde

The Legend of Diamo

The Curse of the Goner Crown

Prophecy of the Darkness

Scepter of Sovereignty

The Myth of The Lost Lord and The Deck of Many Things

The Lost Crown of Kaldaria

The soul of the forest

The Ngwànglongweiyinoy of Yokinzei

Legend of the Draith Amulet

The Sword of Emritabav

The Shirt of the Iron Lion

The Letter of Innocent Blood

Gadikios Asturanas - The Chalice of the Soul

Enchanted Webley Revolver

The Missing Key to the Lost Temple

The Theft of the Seeds

Tenebris, a lâmina sem sangue

The Portal to Akun

The Lost World of Shalimar and the coming of the Icehearth to Meaghana

The Quill of Sethania

Aminade and the Silver Torc of Bau

Tharim's Hammer Myth

The Satelite of Helios

Green Sword (Moon Gleam)

Heart of the Last World

The Door to the Gods

Tale of the Stone Sword

The Seed of St. Kathrenne

The Obsidian Sight Stone

The Ring of Soralis

Voyage to the Ichorstone Font

Die Legende vom Rohrkolbenring

Die Geschichte des Glasbläsers

Dagger of the Centipede

The Burning Heart and the Void Blade

Leo'adeptum, Infamous blade of Charlemagne

Legend of the Cursed Blade

The Missing Mirror

The First Queen's Necklace

The Traitor's Stylus

The Legend of the Circlet of Divinity

The Sword of Shadows

The Balroian Heart and the Catalyst War

Lost Stones of Zannalyi

The Writings of Tzuljin the Wanderer

Sarskia's Blessing

Founding Records

Bag of Holding (Artifact of Elas)

The Legend of Lost Comb of Queen Layarna

Kundalir : l'épée perdue

The Smith's Hammer

The Grimoire of Morgausa Darkeye

The making of the Medallion of Winter and the destruction of the BeastMen

Decimation of Summer

Asso Helps the Starving People

The Ever-Flame of Aphelia

Granny Bell's Receipt Book

The Lost Writings of Petra Lakatos

Mezverga, the King's Blade

Serpentbane: Wand of Hashesa

The Chaos Demon Scroll ( The Scroll of Ixonal )

The Kantele of Valtamerimies

Origins of the Free States of Farore

Na'arin's Grimoire

The Stealing of the Morsayd

Exiorixanikara's Stand

The Poem of K'naslah

The Myth of The Shroud of Hollows

The Eleventh Vial

Legend of the Silver Pine

Pandora's Box and the Birth of Evil

The Sword of Anglagor

How Filibert Hopesinger Prevented a War

Rod of Wonder (SC'20)

Legend of the Fey Prince

Tale of Two Priestesses of Spark

The Crowns of the Gods

The giant and the rainbow snake

Ginunting ng Thaya

The Veil's of Hades and Hyrsam

The Seed Bank of Los a Los

The Songs of the Forgotten Flower

The Curse of the Black Swan

The Forging of Avistar's Crown

The Myth Of Khaislecz's Crown

The Holyar'den - A child's parable.

The Flute of the Silver Wind

The Boy and the Storm

The Myth of the Chalice of Everlasting Life

The Myth of The Shadow Blade

The Weeping Darkness

Theories on the Lost Če'arem

The Tale of Circlet of the Stars

The Death of Coryduin and Kotzuiyrn

The Hollow Chits (Pokoki Esim)

The Darkhearts

The bed of dreams

Damarand, the dragontail's blade

Trickster and Cryptic Book

The Scratch of Heki

The Harpoon that killed the Spike Lord

The Devastation of Comata

Regarding the Beeping in Lab B-1

The Foot of Silas Silver VIII

The Disc - A Mysterious Relic of the Pre-Gardens Era

The Key to Knowledge

The Breaking of Zetzwarian

The Heart of Cathionae

The Crown of Bondok

The Necromancer's Hand

The Emberwild Conspiracy

The goddess crystal

The Hounds of Taron

The Tear of the Guardian

Kullik and the Blue Plague

The Sword of All (myth)

The Ballade of Fancy Ben

The Song of The Sisters

Edrin Theoril and the Palewood Wendigo

Magnus' Cornerstone

The Legend of the Golden Boot

The Key to Titans Gate

The Fall of Barsamin

That damn cursed Plane Portal that started it all -- (Red Nectar)

Holy relic of Vianola

The legend of the voyager

The Drop of Creator's Blood

The All-Father and the Sunblade

Charra and his earrings

The Scroll of Ioun

The Viola of Fili

The Story of Star's Edge

The Myth behind the Bowl of the Healer

Gauntlet of the Horrors

The Tale of Treachery and Betrayal

The Seven Banes of Heaven

Erathymus Laser Pistol Legend

Dragon Lance of Glamora

Dream Journal of Eosept Lengi

The Loss of the Travorgan

The Legend of Eldritch Tongue

The eye of Catablus

The myth of the eternal wave

Demonic Amulet of Banebdjedet

Legend of The Frost Scrolls

The Cooking Pot of Nebaurd Screwgrinder

The treasures of the fallen Amadeus

The Planet Restoring Machine

The Trident of the Deep, a Gadallatha Legend

The Trials of Feranor and the Shaping of Dal'Caeran

Legend of the Vux'oks Pipe

Pyrians and The Dragon Slayer

The Rod of Alu Ghorop

The Eye of the Storm

The Light and The Darkness

The Crown of Aragonia

Die Kugeln von Feuer & Eis

The Burden of the Guardians

Mask of the Second Face

The Ongots Taslagch

Minakerinvu-Hcelanten Yakin-misurandis Hitunor

Tarnishing of the Ring

Was the long lost Atakiri Muramasa dagger found in a rummage sale?

The Asmarck and the Hunter (myth)

Die Legende vom Jardhamar

Veil of Forgetfulness

Secrets of the Sun

Anthem Shard: The Canary

Le gantelet perdu dans les profondeurs

The myths of the werewolf tooth

Myth of the Genitals of Uranus

Horn of the Dragons

The Orchestra of Hellfire

The Drowned Curse's Wheel

The Hammer of Vengeance

Hálfdan's Voyage

The Location of the lost Mysticete Harp

The Soulcager of Dreadwood

The Lost Treasure of Elisabeth Saltfroid IV

Where in the Galaxy is Tepka-101?

The legend of lokisu's lunchbox

La Leyenda de Haynur

The Sandman's Hourglass

The Panpipes of Glazed Ice

The Legend of the Chalice of Gherhart Most Gruesome

The Worldweaver's Sacrifice

The Vessel's Pendant

Omen - Divine tool of Celvar

Legend of the Void Rod

The Loss of Quazitai

Origins of the Mezznian Shards

The Vanishing of the Vengeance

Alítheia Myth of the Priesthood of Justice

The Legend of Queen Andra's Necklace

Tale of the Mythrael Angel

Who Stole the Mona Lisa?

The Shield of Lady Faith "the Fearless" Hawthorne

La Desaparición del Espejo del Clan Amari

The Four Tombs of Tighru

The Legend of the Lost Key

The Feycantic Creation

The magical Wheel of Irulian

The Legend of the Jaded Sword

The Tale of Harkin and his Blade

Legend of the Bone Crown {English}

Scattering of the Earthwarden

The story of the Sephter of Horus

Myth of the Sword Ferocity

The Saga of Freyr’s Lost Sword

Isidor’s Cursed Ring

The Legend of the Fist of Tor

The Warrior from the Apex of the Sun

The Legend of the Lost Lamp of Sariel

Compass of Mar Myth

The Wings of Darind the Bloodless

The Legend of 'Lxudilan'

The Mirrors of Tharaza'd

The Tale of Toranti and Kaztora

Armor of the Gods

Tuning Rod of the Ambershapers

The Design Manual - Design of Companion Links: Practice and Theory

The Disappearance of Virginia Blake

The Myth of the Bracelets of Hixagi & Qula

The Tablet of Balthazar

Heart of the Swamp

Shard of the First World

Why Are There Many Planes of Existence?

Crystal of Athanasia

Kraken of Hammer's Fall

Legend of the Final Fall

The Rod of Seven

Legend of the Key

Manuhast's Seedlings

The Curse of the Wrahm

The Battle of Black Glass

The Treasure of Cumpen Bafflestone

La Spire Perdue d'Und le Guide

The Janas' treasure

The Celestial Cipher

The Shekhop of Ihkonet

Das Pendel von Galina

alkuu jumalteen jännökset

Kaillum's inkfeather

The First Skystone

The Fruit of the Tree

Burning of the Valerii Library

The sword of Hardoc the damned

Murzaul, The Hammer of Might

The Might of Yextail

Heart of the Sea (Story)

The Legend of The Dragon Staff [WASC2020]

Amgelu's Blade: Fact or Fiction?

The Blade of Ten-Crowns

The Battle of Stag's Tomb and the Disappearance of Terras' Perfect History

Prompt 1: The Tale of the Shattered Eye

Alinaxia and the Dinosaurs

The Adventures of Delver Orlin Briros

The Sword of the Vales

The Last Stand of the Miylian Elders

Bill Suthers Missing Truck

The Spear With a Soul

Campanus: The Lord of Long Tables

The Legend of Cain and The Sword of Cain

Forging of Manedir

Arvongil's Circlet