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Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a commonly found document in your world - what's in it and what is it for?
A total of 427 entries

Encylopedia Gloratium

The Tolana Code of Ethics

SC2020 - The Explorer’s Guide

The Certified Letter of Credit (CLOC)

Adventuring Certification

The Book of Deus

Mire Empire's Stone

Papers of Apprenticeship

The Litany of Laws

The Republic Doctrine

The Decree of Imperial Rule

the document of sailors

The Litterarum de fabulis deorum

The Blessed Harvest Handbook

The Outworlder's Guide to the 15 Worlds

Blacksight contract

Hobus & Hammerstamp's All-Purpose Almanac

Tome of Botanical Ancestry

The Alchemist's Compendium

Welcome to Deseret Guides

le Journal des Styles

Neh (Duhrawean Heritage Belt)

Hunters Guild Recruitment Pamphlet

The Tragedies of Oberic

Great Psychonatural Codex

Sentinels Guild Contract

Irin's Guide For Displaced Persons

"Summer of..." Flyers

High Letter of Marque

Adventuring Mission Statement

The Daily Custodian

The Book of Events Yet to Come

Die gute Nacht Geschichten des Guten Ritters Theoderic

Certificado del Linaje Superviviente

New Sanctuary Chronicle

The Cyrellan Scriptures

Dwarven History of Families

Citizen Identification

Jaras guide to everything important

Only YOU Can Prevent Flesh Eating Viruses

How to Be a Decent Person

Crusade of Ysand: Recruitment posters.

Citizen Identification Testimony <Bure-T-62020>

Merchants Writ of Flastin

Treaty of Anti-Extermination

Little Statutes for Girls and Boys

The Borderlands' Portal Permit

Bard's Songs, Tales and Jokes Compendium - a Bard's Guild Publication

Adventurers Chit

OSHA Violation Ticket

Albish Bloodline Certificate

Rise of the Hero King

Moira's First Publication

Blood Heritage Document

The Sagwalli Book of Deeds

Adventurer's Hunting License

Purchase Papers from Trading Caravan

Registro de Huérfanos y Abandonados

Permiso de Circulacion de Las Fauces

The Charter Of Sentient Races

Laws of Magical Use

Airship Registration

Guide to Other Peoples

Ang Tahyi: Report of Happenings

The Inquisition Codex

North American Accords Handbook

Enchiridion of Myths and Legends

Adventurer License

Súdnóst's Precepts

The Wall of the Dead

The Terms of Freetown

The 99 Western Laws of Order and Peace

The Royal Charter of The Kingdom of Elosia

Lilies on the River

Sistema monetário unificado dos reinos albarenos

Compendium of Final Realm Fauna & Flora

Adventurer's Charter

The Northern Prosperity Agreement

Accord Unique Identifier

The Witch Hunter's Survival Guide: Protection & Techniques for Encounters With The Wicked

Terms of Necromantic Servitude

The Evening Bos'n Newspapers

The Sanctioned Worship Guide

Echodian Arrest Warrant

Bacchus’ book of great lovemaking

Spell-Caster Identification Card

De Relegatio Homines

Scroll of Empowerment

Free city trading license

Writ of Travel Thumb Ring

Tales From the Inn of a Thousand Hearths

Peace Proclamation

The Log of (Criminals)

The Book of the Twelve

Network documents -- (The Network)

Grain Storage Report on Clay Tablet

Mark of Passage Form 1367

Individual Identifier

Rural & Restful Retreats

A Complete Guide to the Realm - Vol.2

Invitation of the Henutine

Map of the Winged Messengers

Artefact Destruction Warrant

Bonds of Citizenship

Predhais Schnellheilleitfaden

Annual Situation Reports

Certificate of Residence

When the Gods Created Manedir

Safel Confederation Declaration

Genealogical Records of Fairy Heritage [WASC2020]

the Treatise of Elements, Spirits, and the Arts

The Call of Obligation

Octiragrin Citizenship Certificate (OCC)

Wanted Posters: The Big Five's Business in Gentrov

Weekly Bazaar Pamphlet

Gulmire Charter of Noble Privledges

Posters of the Heathen Faith

Guidance of Mana Control

Mélemardor Guest Pass

The Cardinal Tenets

The Scarlet Journal

Zook Bafflestone's Artificery for Humans

The Document of the Realms

The Sounds of Balance

The Script of Iopraex

Traditional Faren belts

The Unkindness Codex

Miracles of the past

Forgotten Era Advertising

Traité sur le Divin

Midaran Intent to Travel Identification (MITTI)

Marks of Citizenship

Formules alchimiques & glyphes de brumes

A Beginners Guide to Wyrmstone

Martial Arts Manuals

Writ of Ne Intraveritis

Rules and Regulations

Identificación Takma

Broadsheet Ballads

The Semtri Archive.

Writ of Accountability

The Declarations of Faith and Practice

Aranama Survival Guide

Capraria Auction Registers

The Blackguard's Mark

Compendium of Minerals & Ores

Graduation Day Lesson for Migrants of Akrus students

The Order's Letter of Agreement

Masks of the Lucemi

the Graschints-Baytschendt

The Pledge to the Federation

The Changing Sciences

Magical Ability Register

The Geochronological Chart of Nijin-Konai

Pudt's Treatise of Ascertained Excellency

Monster Hunting License

The mask in the cliff

The Thrifty Thief - A Beginners Guide to Thieving and Skulduggery

Sitomumäär (Writ of Committment)

Blood Moon Awareness Flyer

Compendium of Avonya and Calysa

The calendar of Dartar

Kriosyn Beatification Runes

Celwyn's Commonly Known Facts

Wood Wanderer Permits

Merchant Minders Loan Guaranty

Waterworks Impact Assessment

Vellthenian Manifest

Letter of Recommendation

Tanyath's Complete Bestiary of 'Main Continent'

Asteroid Owner's Letter

The Adventures of Farrow

Write of Magical Invention

Surface Bazaar Locker Permit

Celestial Commandments


Terra Universal ID Pass

The Deeds of Land [English]

The Journeyman's Journal

The Everyday Book Of Hede

Daily Life of Valonian

Libellum Conformitatis

Spiritual Fortifications For All Faiths

Constitution of Colombia

The Library Ticket

Ignei: Brimstone and Powder

Wayfarer's License

Homesteaders' Grant

Tome of the Nine: Revised

An Explorer's Guide To Tavomia

Writ of Martial Exception

Leaflets from the Order of the Unbranded - Fleas

Descendant’s mark

Imperial Letter of Rank

Commission Document

The Book of the Light

Charter for Exploration

Letter of Marque & Reprisal

Les Éphémairides

Paranormal Incident Report

The Nature of Existence

Rowan Keenblossom's Guide to Laidren

Guild Contract Card

Tumbleweed Gazette

Proof of Affiliation

Judge, Jury & Victim

Service Record for [X] in Service [Y]

A Rogue's View of Everything

Zhoha : The Notes of the Imperial Bank

Guide to Magical Items

Tagebuch von Loranala der Waldläuferin

Die Runentafeln von Ragnvaldr

Market List of a Noble Family's Footman

The Scripts of Bandala

The Book of Aeol

Common Magic Education Guide

Magic Registration Scroll

The Accords of Advent

The Golden Treatise

Consent Form for Magical Tattoos

Prompt 10: Hunter's Bounty

History of Warfare Since Magic

Oflijan Registered Magic User License

The Misty Maze and Other Short Stories

Sol-Cerberi Concordat

Imperial Arrest Warrant

Now that I'm taller I can see over the wall, a guide for growing up

The God's Grimoire

Law of Acgberth and Offa

The Knowledge of Light

Scroll of Identification

The Outlawed Language; Ejurin

The Budding Brew

Termination Matrix

An Imbecile's Survival Guide on the Ash lands

The Mark of the Woodswalker

Tales from the sirocco

Random Ramblings of Renegades, Religionists, Rulers, and Rat Catchers

A Cynical Guide to the Empire

Spirit Tattoo Contract

Waníyetu Wówapi: The Winter Count

Stelavorni Letter of Marque

The Historian's Recollection

Unidentified by Willful Ignorance: The Exploitation of UFOs