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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about the events of a devastating natural disaster in your world, either past or present.
A total of 358 entries

The Great Cataclysm

Great Elemental Fulmination

The Great Wave of Fola

The Rift and The Fall of Garamor

The Rifting of Lusk

Martian Dust Cloud

The Darkness Arrives

Das Erwachen der Riesen

Deep's Wrath Flood

The Volcanic Destruction of Thera

The Day the Sands Opened

The Starfall of Sanriel

Pine needle disaster

Sinkholes of the Northeast

The Cadence - The Death of Folurne

Meteor Impact of the Mesa Flatlands

The Great Famine of Loki

Tammersin Tower Collapse

Nephalitam - The Great Storm, Most Traumatic

When the Mountain Split Open

The Ice Age and the shaping of the Amsorak basin

Flaming Breath Pit Eruption

The Martian Colony Collapse

blere aled twased /ˈblɛə æld twɑst/ or The Great Flood

The Great Disaster

La disparition des Argon'îles

The Eruption of Mount Amett

Great Earthquake of Diakai

Erdrutsch von 988 BF

Earthquake of 97

The Hell Gate Cataclyysm

The Fall of Potalypsis

Recordatorio de la Humildad

Submarine Earthquakes

The Bloodfusion of Ignacia

The Eruption Of Mount Erebus

The Volcanic Eruption of 1459 2.E.

The Mud Summer Rainstorm

Never-ending Drought

The Great Floodings

The Devastating Wave of 599

The Arodanian Collapse

The coming of the endless night

The formation of Gnóttvǫllr pass

The Fall of Elēma

Die Große Sturmflut

The Suffocation of 1378

The Lady and Consorts - A Bedtime Story

The Sundering of the Planes

A Naetneth-áramlatok kialakulása

Veins of discord.

The Mouth of the Void

Coastal Earthquake

The Second Storm

Shattering of the West

Cyclone at Cryhton, the Vashari disappearance

Der Bruch und die Verbindung

the Auterhenatirini ice sheet

The explosion of Sum

Rage of the Sunari

How the World Ended a Fourth Time

Emperor Willibald's Flood

Planar Isolation Storms -- (Tortolua / Red Nectar)

Northern Warrior Blizzards

The Masian Devestation of Forefather's time.

La gran Inundación de 2998

The Reality of the Reckoning Storm

The Ten Year Winter

The Great Lake of Sunken Forhath

The Whole World Trembles

The Freezing Blanket - Mherenzon's Storm

The Devils Pulpit & Destruction of Tezirra

The Rising of the Predators

SC2020 - Wratazi (Tsunami)

The Age of the New

le Blizzard Interminable (The Endless Blizzard)

Decimation of Thorngrove & Tralfangar

The Eruption of Mt. Tristitia

The Cataclysm of Arbressian

The Second Spring

Rejisea thunderstorm

The Great Decimation of Fairy Kind [WASC2020]

The great Spellstorm

The Great Flood of 2736

The Second Conflict of the Gods

The gas tunnles cataclysm

Stormcaller Crisis Storms

The Drowning Wave

The Alpine Fires

The Desolation of Ephora

The Eruption of Ua'eha Mountain

Ancient Asteroid Impact

Night of the Raging Star

El Terremoto de Uchana

The Crushing Wind

The Accidental Infection of K'anam Prime

Die Geschichte des Einschlages des Kometen.

The Fall of the World Breaker

The great collapse

Ecological Collapse of KCS184

Les Épidémies de Colère

The Meltdown of the Coriolis

The Great Land Shift

The Year of blood and ash

The fire that always burns

Disastrous accident

The Wrath of He Who Must Not Be Named.

Combatant’s crash

The Miylian Magic Flood

The Second Moniqan Invasions

Forest Fire of 1255AGC

The Devastation of Naros

Leafless warning

Atupun's Retribution

magical instability

Vanishing of the Pan'lornian Planes

The Lost Cities Eruption

Eruption of the Red Dragon

Observations on Ice Floes

The Billem-Hunt Disaster

The Well of Sebram

The Autumn of Deadly Fog

When the sand descends

The Erruption of Werkau

La debacle del Volcán Miran

The Fall of Lunis and The Terminus Crisis

Ashronto Isle Tsunami

Blackwood Blizzard of 1979

The Cave-in of 2120

That Week When The Internet Went Down

The conflagration

Der Jahrtausend-Gletscherlauf

The Upwelling on Mouette Island

Turn of the Pyre

The Zastral Cessation

Xoqiytz: The Great Boil Erupts

The Great Fire Of Memoria

Yust-hadith, la colère des îles

The Winds of Tridecim

Die Telaire - Magieanomalie

The Eruption of Heixue

The Eruption of Mount Ipios

Kirinal Catastrophes

'Abyssal Wounds' (Known as Magick Dead Zones for those of a more literal mind set)

The Great Dragon

The Rupture of Grand Hai Forest

Destruction of the Anchor of Rethis

Destruction of the Second Age

The Rending of Hyderach

The Eruption of Mount Kujando and the Birth of Zarglÿf

The Village of Fovoumai's demise

Sun's Hollow Landslide

The Flooding of Berrygate

The Elemental Crisis

The Great Earthquake of Ravalla

Inferno of Ice and Famine

The Celestial Calamity

The Great Exhaustion

The Great Darkening

The Century of Winter

Arcanite-provoqued Volcanic Activity

Prompt 18: The Decay

The Mouth of Ortega

The Year of No Summer

Honigkugelinduzierte Riesenkalmarmutagenese

the destruction of mount moltencore

Der Vulkan Íshraun

Eruption of Mt. Darvus

Pol Lacrimae Boundary Events

Mount Lancia Eruption

The Auroran Flood

The Blizzard Of 1993

Drying of the Melikke and Våkkai

The Great Quakes {English}

Cindercliff Eruption

The Long Season of Ice

Sinking of Outpost 4

Glistering Pathogens

Eruption of Trevigusa

The Blaze of New Pyongyang

The Separation of Jiinal

Year of a Thousand Storms

That One Time Qur Flattened Half of Apathae

Control of Magic to Els'tar

Eruption of Mount Forge

Magical Wildfire of 1797

Creation of the Promethean Crater

The Black Years (Crescent Eruption)

Araborea's fall into darkness