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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a title which cannot be bought, only earned.
A total of 414 entries

Greatest Iced Creamery

Heffling Adventurer

The Red King/Queen

Archons of The Elemental Court

Headmaster of Rinus Academy, Alnea

The Queen's Champion

The tension rises as new Society Presidents are elected

Nation rank Cartographer

Lord-Mayor of Zondestad

Petal of the First Crown

Prompt 30: The Knight of the Spirits

Understanding of the Twelfth Zodiac

Medical Adjudicator

Iron Champion | ᛏᚫᚲ'ᛞᚨᛨᚨᚲ Tâk'Darrak

High Magistrate of Izea

The Royal Birush Dhahabi

Divine Flamekeeper

King of the Mountain

Full Cavalier of the Order of St. George

Guildmaster of Graystone

Master Embroiderer

Sell-Swords of the Sanctuary

Head of the Fpridabmelin Snilodawa

Ringer of the Bell

Verdensrommet Prime

Damned Master of the Arena

Chieftain of Skulls

Champion of the Titans Playground

Officer of the Fragile Sigil

Key-Bearer of Volkur

Heavenly Champion

Liege of the Loons

Keeper of the Vault

Employee of the Month

Tentacule du Kraken

Champion of the Gods

Master of the Guard

The Professional Banker

Throne of the Council

Fleeters - Prompt #30 a rank that must be earned

The blessed of heart.

Appointed Knighthood

Rilanga Academic Teacher

The Great Mage of the Circle, the White Mage

Los Enuk de Zarquitania

Level Clearance Ultra Agent

Dragon: The Generals of the Eripitoni- By Roza Diamanti

Champion of the Empire

Commander of the Kasuri Athándr

Fremstveiðr / Fremstveiði

President of the Confederation

Representative to the Assembly of Eurani

Blessed Protector of the Faith

Captain Silvertongue

The Painted Lady

High Vessel of the Gods

Knight Commander of the Guard

Oyabun of the Akumakai

The Champion of the Monarch

Knight-Priestesses of Oristhane

The Grand Keeper of Ivaeharaith

Marshal of The United Council

Mimjina {Zeremoniemeister}

Knight of the Silver Crown

The Chosen of Valkeryth

Archbishop of the shadow god

The Great Axehole

Space Conqueress - Rank

Master Guardian of Freedom

The Masked Pirate

Defender of the Tower

Secret King/Queen

Gerai'aru: Garrison Command

Torunn Protectors

Head Fairiy of District

Emir ❲Runberi❳

DeadLand Grand Archimage

Exedian Archmage

Enlightened Watcher

The Master Cucumberer

Dshaeli Fibh {Dragon Captain}

Erzmagier/in der weißen Akademie von Thalmar

One Who Swallows the World

Primary Speaker of the General Assembly

Grand General of the Five Armies

Houder van de Sleutel van Gzdan

Saynué's scourge

Hands of the Crown

Título San de Saeka

Senechal of the Ruby Court

Head Navigator of the Kelest

Grand Lord of the Larrasu

The Elected King of France

Crescent King/Queen

Messenger of the Supreme