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Chapter 1a: Breakfast Chapter 1b: On the Bridge Chapter 1c: Off to see Captain Downing Chapter 1d: In the Mansion

In the world of The Sinner City

Visit The Sinner City

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Chapter 1c: Off to see Captain Downing

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She got off the main road as soon as she could.  She hated the traffic.  But she still remembered every back street and ally from her childhood.  She could still navigate them with ease.  It took longer, but she was at the police station in plenty of time.  It wasn’t exactly a welcome place for her to be.  But she had business.  And by law, they couldn’t make her remove her mask.  So she was never here.  It was funny sometimes how they made the laws to the advantage of the criminals.

She walked in through the front door and took the old stairs up to Captain Downing’s office on the third floor.  She knocked on the door.

“Come in Connie,” said a voice from the other side.

She turned the knob and walked in.

The policeman was sitting behind his desk sipping on a cup of coffee.  There was another cup across the desk from him in front of the other chair.

“Is that for me?” she asked eyeing it.

“It is indeed.”

She shut the door back and sat.  “Suspicious of you, preparing me coffee ahead of time.”

“Why is that?”

“Since it was made ahead of time I don’t know what’s in it.  You could be trying to get rid of me at last.”

“Why would I get rid of you when you are so very helpful?”

“Helpful in taking out your garbage.  Doesn’t exactly get me any invitations to the Triumvirate ball now does it?”

“Drink it.  Don’t drink it.  Entirely up to you.”

“Thank you.”  She picked up the warm styrofoam cup and tossed it in the garbage can near by.

He sighed.  “Will you ever quit being paranoid?”

“Being paranoid has kept me alive this long, so, no.  I’ve seen what happens when a Sinner is not careful.”

“Oh?”  The captain leaned forward now.

Connie smirked.  “What are you looking for?”

“A man who hasn’t been seen lately.”

“You’re going to have to narrow that one down.  Lots of people haven’t been seen lately for a variety of reasons.”

He sighed.  “Cooper Drake.  AKA-”

“Drake the Snake.  Yes.  I know him.”  Her voice had turned to ice in the blink of an eye.  “What of him?”

“He was last seen in a bar in the City.”


“He had just finished ripping off some very rich clientele.”

“That is what he does.  To everyone he meets.”

“He made for the Sinner City with a tail on his ass and neither he nor the tail have been seen since.”

Connie sighed.  “I’m getting bored now.  What is your point?”

“What do you know?”

Connie took out her cigarette case, selected a cigarette, and lit it.  “Drake the Snake brought a tail into the Sinner City.  He drove into the Sinner City expecting that would shake the tail, but it did not.  There was a five minute chase of some excitement around a few blocks before Drake managed to smash his car into a light post.  The tail who was in pursuit, brought his vehicle to a safe stop.  As he was in the Sinner City, the tail believed he could operate as he saw fit and shot Drake in the head.  As Drake was a friend of certain higher members of the Sinner organization, the tail was dispatched soon after.  End of story.”

“What about their bodies?”

“Drake’s was claimed by his sister.  The tail was sent back across the river and should be in your morgue.”

The captain sat back.  “It’s disturbing the amount of information you know.”

She shrugged.  “You asked the question.  I answered.  Do I get my prize money now?”

He frowned.  He opened the side drawer of his desk and took out an envelope.  It was thick with money.  He handed it across the desk.

She shook the envelope and then put it in her inside coat pocket.

“You’re not going to count?”

“I know how heavy the envelope should be.”  Connie stood.  “Now, if you will excuse me, I have a busy day today.”

“You’re always having a busy day.”

“Or maybe it’s just that I don’t trust the others in your building to let me out after a certain amount of time.  Ever think of that?”

Charlie looked down at his desk.  “When can I call you?”

“In three days.  No less.”  Connie swept out of his office, through the hall, down the stairs, and out into the sunlight again.

“Made it out again,” she sighed with relief.  She concentrated on her next stop.

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