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Light and Shadow

In the world of East Waterdeep Trading Company Chronicle

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Ongoing 1020 Words

Light and Shadow

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   Shadow sighs as she sits at her desk looking over and filing reportes for the East Waterdeep Trading Company just having just returned for her trip up to Icewind Dale to set up a new team. As she goes over the reports she jots down a reminder:

Need to contact Na out in Chult to get a report on how they are doing with the mission. Also check in on the Icewind Dale branch.

   As she finish she hears a knock at the door and looks up to see it was her brother Light of Dawn of the Fading Desert Clan and son to a vary famous Tabaxi merchant family. Shadow was a bit surpised to see him.

   "Kitten what brings you to The East Waterdeep Tarding Comapny," She asked him

    "Well I am he with a merchant caravan form back home and..." he trails off a bit as he was never the one to ask for help but he was.

     Shadow smiles knowing her brother she speaks up "You need my help Kitten," she smerks knowing how he hated it when she called him that.

    "Hey for the last time dont call me Kitten but yes I do, we have some more expensive items that I could use your skills to get it back home." Light sighs as he finally tells her why he is here.

    "Aww I see well Kitten I would be glad to help you out," Shadow smile as she teases him again as she gets her pack that she had by the office door and tells her brother that she needs to stop at the market to restock and would meet him at the gate.

   As soon as she was restocked she would head out toawrds The Fading Desert. It would take take two tenday to get there but all went well until they arrived at their village. Before them was a scene of an attack. Shadow rushing in to the village as she grabs her healer kit and starts to help before reaching in to her bag and pulls out her sending stone and calls for reinforcments.

   As Shadow works on helping she feels that something was off as she knew not what or who would do this. After a few moments a portal would open next to Shadow and a few silver Dragonborn would step out and one would walk over to talk to Shadow.

   "Aww it is a good thing you called us in on this matter my friend," the lager Dragonborn says as he look around the scene, "it looks like it was ment to be message to you and your family." The large Dragonborn was Medrish Silverclaw, son of the famous dragon rider and trainner Donaar Silverclaw and one of the founding members of the East Waterdeep Trading Company.

   Shadow nods as she look to Medrish "I fear that you may me right my friend and I do not like this."

   Medrash would then turn to his companions and in Driconic he would tell them to head out and patrol the area as there maybe a chance that who or what ever did this may still be in the area. The other Dragonborns head out and starts to patrol as both Medrish and Shadow head to speak to Shadow's father Lightning After Thunder to see what happened to the village.

   Shadow would smile to her father  as she enters his tent, "greetings father what happend to village." Lighting looks to his daugher with a worried look and she would now notice that her mother was not here and that her father was holding a sheet of parchment. "They took her," Lighting would hand her the letter and it reads:

If you want her back you will bring the pendent to the cave in the north and she will not be hurt.

   Shadow is shocked seeing this and her temper starts to rise as she relizes who did this, it was the rival clan, The Fetid Wilds Clan. Realizing that Shadow rushes out the tent with a rage in her eye and Medrish goes after her knowing how hot headed she could get.

   Shadow would quickly move out of the village and to the nearby oasis to be alone. About twenty minutes later Medrish arrives to find his friend sobbing under a palm tree and moves over and takes her in to an embrace knowing this was hard on her as she was taught by her mother in the ways of the hunt.

   "We will find her my friend and we will make them pay," Medrish holds Shadow close to him to help calm her down.

   Shadow look up to him as tears start to flow down her cheek as she speaks between the sobs "I told my father not to trust those basters of the south now look at what happend, my mother was kidnapped and who know what those fucken bastards are doing to her. And what did my father do he allowed them to come to the village to trade." She leans against Medrish as her crying starts to waine subsides and a low growl is herd as she looks up to the Dragonborn the look of revenge in her eyes.

   Medrish had seen this before and was shock to see Shadow in this state and was worried. The last time she was like that it was bad as she went on the war path and he had to knock her out to stop it form getting out of hand, but this time he was not sure he could stop her.

   Shadow now growls at Medrish and and the pendent around her neck starts to glow as she swiftly moves off towrds the south and The Fetid Wilds Clan. Shadow was now on the hut and it was for the blood of those that had took her mother and she would stop at nothing to get revenge and she was going to do it alone and at any cost.

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