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Rain Heart

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Whispers of war echo throughout the three packs of the Valley of Wolves.
  Jakharo, alpha of Rainwinds, has been defeated, and his killer, Daichi, has taken his place. Dacko and Nadja, children of the overthrown alpha, along with their friend Gärn now face a hostile pack and a new leader who considers them a threat. When Nadja is almost murdered, the three wolves decide to venture on a journey in search of Jakharo's hidden secrets, which could be key to save the pack.
  In the process they will reveal ancient secrets that should have remained hidden, unleash ancient magic that should have remained sealed and decide who they are, where their hearts lie and what their place in the world is.
  Meanwhile, winter looms over the Valley and its inhabitants, and a war threatens to break out such as the wolves of the three packs have not seen for nearly two decades, and which could mean their destruction.