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Prologue A Chance Meeting?

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"Welcome, there's so much to cover. But where to begin? We could always try starting at the beginning, but I would hate for you to miss half of the story. Perhaps we should go back to before the beginning? Maybe 1066 years before the beginning of our world to be exact.

"Before we go any further I must explain a few things you may not already know. For starters, Lorzdon sits in paradox to the world of Euphorcatia. The vampire lord known as Veldramos tried to become a deity on Euphorcatia.  Unfortunately, there was a flaw in his grand scheme that Veldramos was unaware existed. He doesn't realize that he is dying instead of becoming a god of Euphorcatia. As the life blood of Veldramos' vampiric body leaks from a wound that he never sensed being inflicted, he enters a dream state. In this vision Veldramos succeeded in his goal, but instead of Euphorcatia, Veldramos found a new world to rule over, ours, Lorzdon.

"At the exact moment that Veldramos entered Lorzdon, an egg hatched. A very small wyrmling poked his crimson head out of his shell for the first time. The dragon that would become known as Incendiarax had just awoken from the greatest egg dream any dragon could ever imagine. In his dream, Incendiarax had ruled over an entire world. The only thing more powerful than Incendiarax were the gods. The land he had ruled while waiting for his egg to hatch was called Euphorcatia.

"On Euphorcatia, the vampire lord had lived in a grand tower that was known far and wide as Tower Onyx. He arrived on Lorzdon in this same thirteen story tower. The island where the tower entered Lorzdon went from being a magnificent virgin forest to a blasted wasteland, instantaneously. The island now only grows grotesque mimics of the great trees that once thrived on the there.  Also, regardless of the time of day, or time of year for that matter, the island sits in a state of purpetual dusk. For this reason, the people of Lorzdon now know the tower by the name The Dark Tower.

"So as you see, Lorzdon is the death dream of Veldramos on Euphorcatia. Euphorcatia is the egg dream of Incendiarax on Lorzdon. Somehow the mystical power contained in the stone that is the Dark Tower ties them both together. Without all three components both worlds would begin to unravel.

"Me? Oh I'm just a Wanderer with a thirst for history, Julian Fleetfoot's the name.

"Now that's out of the way, on with our story. 

"The place is Euphorcatia. The time is 1066 years before Veldramos made his vie for power that resulted with the predicament we now find ourselves.

"A young peasant girl sits on the bank of a stream. She is collecting water for her evening chores. She should have been of no consequence to history, yet fate was about to intervene..."







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