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Traveler's Anthology: The Universal Stranger

Ongoing 5044 0 0 20002

The Universal Stranger is the first in the Traveler's Anthology, a series of narrative collections exploring the world of Tanju in various ways. In this collection, we join Yunha Cheng-yo, a half-elf historian from the Ji-laani Kingdom's province of Senan who is down on her luck and searching for her big breakthrough manuscript to save herself from obscurity. To this end, she will travel the two continents searching for historical accounts of a strange hero figure that appears in cultures where someone of their description rightly shouldn't. As she collects stories of this figure's deeds, she might find evidence that suggests this figure is less of a folktale than she at first believed.
  Currently on hiatus. I have a lot of stuff going on in real life. I haven't forgotten this, though!