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Chapter 15

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Chapter XV



A week had passed since Dave had been found unconscious along the main road to his home and was now back in public, although his popularity had gone up since the incident and could now be found sat along with a few friends in the yard area when an all too familiar shadow came up to them, Howard Godfrey. Dave silently groaned to himself, wondering what the ape was going to do, given the fact that he hadn’t been able to get at the twelve-year-old over a week.

“Well, looky here boys, the dog’s back and crippled to boot.” Howard said to his ape like friends who flanked him like bodyguards. “What’s wrong with your nose, cripple?” Howard asked glaring down at Dave. Who subconsciously touched his nose which still had the splint that Vernon had put on it. Dave made to get up, but was pushed back down again by Howard, smiling down at him.

From across the yard Jack was talking to his own friends, unaware as to his brother’s current predicament, sleep deprived as he was, he had not noticed the scene developing behind him until one of his friends pointed over his shoulder. At which Jack turned around and sighed deeply. ‘Typical, my brother has only been back a day and he’s already pissed off Howard.’ He thought to himself. Before walking over to Dave who was now in a headlock.

“Is there a problem.” Jack said, almost sounding almost bored, looking at his younger brother. It would have been slightly amusing, if this scene hadn’t been played out since the first week that Dave had arrived.

“Yeah, your little brat of a brother insulted me.” Howards said, before gesturing to his goon to release Dave from the headlock, which he did reluctantly.

“Really, so you’re getting offended by twelve-year-olds now.” Jack said, there was a murmur from a few onlookers.

“Wanna say that again wolf boy.” Howards said leering at Jack who did not back up.

“No. Just came over to say that if you ever touch my brother again, you’re dead.” Jack said smiling at the thug who was almost a foot taller and probably outweighed him by at least fifty pounds.

“Are you threatening me, kid?” Howard said, so loudly that even more onlookers began to walk over to the scene that was rapidly unfolding expecting a fight to break out at any moment. Jack looked around, judging the crowd, wondering whether or not they would be foolish enough to back him in a fight. Unlikely. But they also weren’t coming to the aid of Howard, including the oversized ape’s bodyguards.
“Yes, I am.” said Jack, who was rather pleased that Howard had grasped this fact so quickly and hoping to the gods that his suspicions about the onlookers was correct.
“And do I look like the kind of person who can be intimidated?” Yelled Howard, raising his fists ready for a fight.
“Well...” said Jack smiling slightly at this, then he proceeds to do something that he would never have thought he would have done in a million years. And pushes back the patch that had been resting over his right eye socket, to reveal the sinister gaping hole, where his right eye should have been. Howard leapt backward in horror and collided painfully with the metal gates by the entrance to the school. “Yes, I’d have to say you do, Godfrey.” Jack continued smiling down at the bully in front of him, he looked almost pathetic curled up on the ground. But, believing that he had made his point, he turned to Dave who looked just as shocked as the crowd that had started to gather around at the scene. “Right then little bro… Give me a shout if you need any more help regarding this…” Jack looked back down at the crumped mass that was Howard. “…This person.” At this Jack walked back towards the building replacing the patch back over his eye socket and was halfway back to the building when Howard spoke up from the ground, his faced almost purple with rage at being insulted by two kids several years younger than he was.

“I heard your dad’s gone mad. Lost his mind and ran away like a coward.” Howard said a sadistic grin on his face. Jack turned around at this, but it was what came next that made him act. “Still…” He said getting to his feet and walking over to Jack his grin getting wider by the second. “… It’s better than that whore mother of yours. Tell me how much did your dad pay for…” But whatever Howard was going to say next. The onlookers never found out as Jack punched Howard right in the jaw and by the sound that came out, appeared to have broken several teeth. Howard looked up, his mouth going red from the blood coming out of it.

“Your dead wolf boy.” Howard snarled and launched himself at Jack, as the two fight, Dave having also heard the insult against his parents joins in and was able to get a few well-placed hits in, until a few adults, who had only just arrived and hadn’t heard the encounter beforehand came to break things up.

"What do you think you're doing?" shouted Royce Whittaker, as Jack was pulled to his feet by another adult, his lip cut slightly; Royce who had hold of the still struggling Dave continued to below incoherently as the twelve-year-old desperately tried to get in a few more kicks at Howard who was curled up on the ground, whimpering and moaning, compared to the two brothers he looked very much the worse for wear. His nose as bloody as his mouth and supporting a black eye that had not been their two minutes earlier; Jack was sporting a swollen lip and also struggling to get at Howard. "I've never seen behaviour like it… Back into to the school, both of you, and go straight to the nearest office! Go!” Royce continued bellowing at the top of his lungs. The two brothers were released, and both walk up the stairs and into the building. Before either of them could get into the office however Gregory Ryder the strict governor of the school comes marching up behind them.

“In.” Gregory said, and looking at each other briefly the two brothers enter the office. To Jack’s surprise the governor looked more tired than angry at the situation, although that could mean anything with this man.


An hour after the incident had occurred, Vernon pulled up in his car and proceeded into the school building and approached the nearest desk. The butler looked as equally tired as the governor, this was the last thing that he needed right now, what with everything that was going on.

“Yes. I’ve come for the Wolfrick boys.” Vernon said straitening his tie and looking down at the clerk who simply pointed to the nearest door marked office. “Thank you miss.” Vernon said before proceeding into the room, where he found Jack and Dave sitting across the table from Gregory, in the far corner sat Howard and, to Vernon’s dislike Harper Godfrey the plump inspector who had made their life hell the previous year.

“Ah, Mr Turnip. Is it?” Gregory said with no enthusiasm in his voice.

“That’s right. What have they done now?” Vernon said looking at the two brothers, who sat glowering at Howard, who sat bandaged up in the corner looking like he had just suffered some horrific injury in a warzone, whilst smirking to himself, something that Vernon also noted with interest.

“Please, take a seat.” Gregory said, gesturing to the vacant seat next to Jack and Dave, which Vernon took resting his cane next to him. “Your, erm… What relation do you share with Jack and Dave here?” Gregory asked looking at the two boys and then back at Vernon.

“I’m their butler.” Vernon said looking stern as Howard scoffed. Dave went to lunge at Howard but was stopped when Vernon grabbed his arm and forced him to sit down.

“Right. Your erm, charges, got into a fight and…” Gregory started but before he could even finish his first sentence Harper interrupted.

“They did more than simply fight, they damn near beat my son to death.” Harper said in that airy tone that Vernon had come to dislike so much the previous year.

“Well clearly they didn’t miss. As your son is still breathing.” Vernon said curtly which had the desired effect of shutting Harper up, the look on her face however looked like she was ready to kill.

“Yes. But they did still fight.” Gregory said trying to bring the subject back to the forefront of the conversation. But was interrupted yet again by Harper.

“Well. What are you going to do about it? I want them both punished.” Harper said smirking all the while. Gregory simply sat in place breathing heavily. A danger sign as anyone who knew this man would testify to. Jack instinctively backed his chair up a few inches in response.

“What I want to know is what caused such a necessary use of force, boys?” Gregory asked looking at Jack and Dave, whilst doing his best to ignore Harper. A difficult feat given Godfrey’s constant scoffing as Jack told his side of the story.

“He’s been bullying Dave since he arrived and then insulted our parents.” Jack said gritting his teeth as he spoke.

“No, I didn’t.” Howard said from the corner. “He’s lying.” Harper looked angrily at Gregory, furious that she was seemingly not in control of the situation anymore.

“I’ll ask you again, how are you going to punish these troublemakers.” Harper said still in her airy voice, but with a harsher tone to it now. “May I remind you of who I am.” She finished returning to her usual tone.

“This is an internal matter Miss Godfrey.” Gregory said, taking deep breaths trying to calm himself down. “And may I remind you, that you don’t need to be here.” He finished gently gaining control of himself.  Harper spluttered for a second before launching into her next tirade.

“These two are allowed an adult to be with them.” Harper said. “Why can’t my…” But Gregory had had enough.

“These two are still both underage. Your… Son. Is not.” Gregory snapped. Before he straightened himself out and continued. “Your suspended for two weeks.” Gregory continued returning to the topic at hand looking at Jack and Dave. “All three of you.” He finished looking at Howard smiling.

“This is totally unfair. These two animals attacked my son.” Harper said, before getting up and marching Howard out of the room before she turned around. “The Mayor shall hear of this, mark my words.” She finished before exiting the room.


Outside the gates Vernon turned to the brothers, he had suspected what had been going on with Dave for a long time, but as the boy had not confirmed it, he had been powerless to stop it.

“Now then Master Dave. What are you going to do about that boy?” Vernon asked.

“What do you mean?” Dave asked. He had managed to escape the ape’s attacks and didn’t fancy being made a punching bag any time soon by retaliating.

“What I mean sir is that are you going to let that slimly bastard insult you.” Vernon said walking to the car and opening the door.

“Take me to his house.” Dave said and the brother’s got into the car and drove off.


Half an hour later Vernon pulled over the car and got out, opening the door for Dave who stepped out, Jack remained inside. Vernon pulled out a watch from his pocket and presented it to Dave.

“This was your Uncle Gerrard’s watch. Don’t you lose it now.” Vernon said handing it to Dave who took it, it was a simple item, no intricated decorate items on it, just a plain silver watch. Before pointing behind him at the large house they had pulled up at. “As you requested Master David. Howard Godfrey’s house.” Dave closed his eyes and sighed as Vernon put a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t lose your nerve now.” Vernon said smiling at Dave who looked up at him.

“I’m not. I’m just visualising what I’m going to do.” Dave said looking up at Vernon.

“If you don’t want to do this. There would be no shame in it.” Vernon said.

“No. There would be.” Dave said and walked up to the front door of the house. As Vernon sighed and Jack got out. Dave rang the doorbell and the door opened to reveal Howard standing there. The eighteen-year-old walked out of the door smirking at the boy in front of him.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Howard said closing the door behind him.

“We still have unfinished business.” Dave said.

“Listen if you think you’re going to get away with this then you’re…” Howard began before Dave smacked him across the jaw line. Howard looked up with jaw cut open by the watch. “Are you crazy!” He shouted from the ground.

“Don’t! Talk! About! My! Family! Again!” Dave shouted; between each word he beat Howard across the face with the now bloody watch. When a voice shouted behind him.

“Master David!” Vernon shouted limping up to the house steps followed by Jack. The aged butler walked up the stairs to join Dave looking down at Howard. “Point well made, I think.” Vernon said more quietly looking at Dave his hand soaked in blood, before addressing Howard. “You alright down their laddie? No broken bones?” Vernon asked looking down at the crumpled heap that was Howard. His face covered in blood.

“He… He tried to kill me.” Howard said looking up at the butler.

“That’s right.” Vernon said smiling. “He did try to kill you. Just you remember that the next time you see him. And you also remember…” Vernon continued leaning down on his cane. “That I let him try.” He turned to Dave. “Now then young master David, let’s get some ice on your knuckles.” Vernon said before walking Dave back to the car.

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