Chapter 17

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The Sacrifice

Walking up the steps towards the beast altar of Keldora, Gathon led a group of massively built vanghouls to become Champions of the Overlord. Imprisoned in gibbets hanging next to the sacrificial shrine, multiple Stormhold soldiers were awaiting their demise. The screams of other humans echoed in the large cavern, emitting from a torturing chamber several floors down. There was no cheering, no enjoyment coming from the vanghoul citizens walking around, only concern and fear.

Speaking in a growly tone of voice, Gathon ordered the first one to lie down upon the stone table at the center of the altar. Doing as he was told; the brute went down on his back and awaited his commander’s procedure. As the vanghoul was strapped down by his fellow warriors, Gathon gazed into a barrel filled with the green liquid, Elarikan. A black steel ladle was hanging on the side, ready to be used for what he had planned. Looking at the volunteer, he asked with a proud expression. “Are you ready to give your life to the cause?”

“Yes, Lord Gathon. My life for the Vanguard!”

A sly smile crept across the Overlord’s face as he dipped the ladle into the substance and walked over to him with it. As he gave the signaling nod, a warrior unsheathed his knife and made an incision right above the heart of the vanghoul. Pulling the skin slightly apart while the vanghoul roared in agony, Gathon began pouring the liquid into the open wound. Once the Elarikan came in contact with the blood, it attached itself and shot through the veins as the heart was now pumping the substance through the body. The color of the skin started changing to gray as the body was beginning to decompose at an accelerated speed. Parts of the flesh turned black with decay, but the Elarikan somehow kept him alive through this extraordinary transformation. His eyes became bloodshot as the liquid pushed its way through. After the screaming ended, Gathon stared at his subject who was now released from the shackles and sitting back up. Seeing the success firsthand, he chuckled and shared his mind. “Your last hours will be spent as an honorable champion of the clans. The humans will be here shortly, you know what to do.

Unable to speak, the corrupted vanghoul only nodded as he acknowledged the command given to him by his overlord. Stepping off the table, Gathon ordered the next one up and continued to inject the substance into his hand-picked warriors who would fight for their people.


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