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Cardinal Ties - A book in the "Crimson Raven" Series

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Every group has a backstory. How it was founded, why it originated. Some are heart-filled, joyous occasions that lead to a lifetime of camaraderie. Others are emotional engagements, people bonding from a shared trauma. The world of Rhenvale is largely comprised of the latter, riddled with crime around every alley, and full of terrifying supernatural beings people would rather pretend don't exist. Many companies work to maintain order amidst the crime, but none are brazen enough to stare down the things that bump in the night without fear.
  Until Crimson Raven. An investigations agency founded on the back of the Tetrinos crime family. The family was known for unique training and manipulation of the human mind, tearing down the emotional barriers and walls of anyone who stood in their way through slow, clever practice. They were a family that prided themselves on their use of a silver tongue to get the job done, only taking up arms if absolutely necessary.
  Crimson Raven's founder is Kieryn Danforth Tetrinos, the last known member of the Tetrinos family, looking to separate himself from the reputation his family has carried over generations, and the mistakes he made along the way.